Sunday, January 6, 2013

Temple Square Lights

Whew! What a great Christmas vacation! I can't wait to blog about it sometime. :) Right now, I'm still playing catch-up. :)
On December 8th, Front Runner was letting people ride for free with a food can donation. So we thought it would be a great day to go to Temple Square to see the lights....AND so did everyone else. It was crowded!! We thought with it being so cold and snowing that people wouldn't want to venture out. Oh well. We went with some friends and had a good time despite the crowds. Easton lasted just about as long as he would last on the ride up there. Then, we had to take TRAX to Temple Square. Good thing we had Shawn there cuz I would've been lost!
My girls favorite part is seeing all the different nativities from many different countries. I love how excited they get.
Wow! A family picture!
I stole this one from my friend's blog. It looks like Brinley is photo bombing their family picture. :)
Easton's hands were SO cold! But he just loved being out in it.

It took us a LONG time to get from place to place it seemed like. It was a 5 hour ordeal. We stopped at City Creek for a bathroom break. We also ate at Pier 39 and then went home. In the train I was SO HOT (from dressing so warm to walk around) and didn't have a place to sit. That was the longest ride home from Salt Lake ever! I was getting SO annoyed and was really glad to finally get off that train! 
See how hot I am on that train? I'm glistening. :) I also have something in my teeth. Gross!
Next year we will be driving there!


tracie said...

One of these years I need to take my kids up there. Looks like a long fun night.

Krystal Baker said...

We thought about riding the front runner up to that but heard it was soooo crowded! Looks like fun though - I still need to take an outing on it. :)