Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Santa's Lap

Usually Santa comes to the Ward Christmas party but he didn't come last year and this year we had a breakfast. So we had to find our own Santa to visit. Kohler's is the perfect place! No lines and the kids get yummy treats (and we can pick up milk or bread)...the Santa isn't that great though. Brinley said she wanted an iTouch. Cambree wants an American Girl doll. Sadie was so cute and just smiled until we nudged her to say she wanted a Dreamlite for Christmas. Easton was the first of our babies not to cry! (Shawn is so proud of that!) He just stared and stared at Santa. It was so cute! Maybe next year he will cry. :)

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Jennifer S said...

Easton, you traitor!! :) HOw could he not cry with the history of santa claus freaker outers in your family? He has broken the family honor! :)