Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

Sunday, we had all the Hancock adults (and Casey came over to play with our kids) over for game night. We do this every once-in-a-while and it's always nice to have it at our house so we can put our little ones to bed since none of Shawn's siblings have kids as young as ours. We had appetizers for dinner. Shawn looked everywhere for these little filo dough cups for a yummy appetizer he had found. No cups, but he did find the dough. We spent FOREVER making these little cups! Never again! The recipe was easy besides that. Ugh. They were good though! We had fun and stayed up way too late AGAIN!
The next day, my family came over for New Year's Eve. We had a simple dinner with soup (again thanks to my freezer meals!) and then just snacked all night. The kids just ran around and played or watched a movie. Everyone except J.J. and Kristy stayed the night, so it was a full house!(Tiff and David never came since David had to work the next morning.) We finally learned how to play our 7 Wonders game, thanks to Rob. We played Song Burst the 70's and 80's version. It was so much fun! We sang the night away! When midnight hit, we were so involved in our 7 Wonders game that we barely celebrated. We didn't even get up from the table. That's how fun that game is! Brinley banged some pots and pans for us...she was the only grandkid still awake.
The next morning, the Pattersons left pretty early. Nate and Mandy were going to leave but I talked them into staying since mom wasn't going to be home anyway. Great! More people to play 7 Wonders with! And we did! I'm sure Mandy & Nate are sick of it now. :)
Easton & Spencer playing with some toys.
Sadie was exhausted and fell asleep on the stairs.
Cute girls eating their dinner! Annie, Sadie and Evelynn.
My Christmas card door. It doesn't really belong here but I loved all the cards we got this year!


Krystal Baker said...

What are phylo dough cups? Sounds intriguing.

tracie said...

That's a good idea for Christmas cards. I will have to remember that.

Angie said...

That was such a fun way to spend New Year's Eve. When we're here, we usually don't do much and sometimes go to bed on time. Lame-o. So I'm glad we had fun playing games together.