Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hancock Family Christmas

We usually celebrate the Hancock Christmas on New Year's day. It got switched up because Melanie and Moe decided to come for a visit, which was great! But then we weren't able to go skiing with my family. I don't ski but Shawn does and he was going to take the girls. So that was kind of a bummer. BUT we they got to go sledding with the cousins! It was so slippery, they could go down like a penguin without a tube. Easton came out but no one wanted to bother with him (and I didn't bring snow clothes) so he went back inside. Still no sledding for Easton. :(
Jace, Marlie, Jordyn, Jeff, Connor, Brinley, Cambree, Casey, Sadie
My SIL was awesome and brought her nice camera and got some good pics. I love these pics of me and Easton!
Then the kids opened their presents to each other. Brinley got a $10 gift card to Walmart, Cambree got a really cute chair, Sadie got a Playdo set and Easton got some boy toys: a snake and a ball.
Then all the siblings exchanged presents. Melanie and Moe gave us Settlers of Catan and a cute Christmas Countdown decoration that she made. Then, Barbara and Larry gave us gifts. We never know what we're going to get! She gave us clips to use on chip bags that she recycled from hangers and something else random was in the box but I don't remember. It's always interesting what she comes up with! They haven't been able to drive for a few months so I know she really had to get creative in her gift-giving. :) Bless her heart.

We had an Italian dinner where everyone brought an Italian dish. I sure lucked out with not having to cook during Christmas. I'm in a group where we make frozen meals each month and I had a lasagna! Perfect!
Then, we played the good 'ole White Elephant game. We actually ended up with a spice rack that could be useful (and something else that I can't remember)...but we really wanted the Nacho Libre movie. The Couch Potato showed up again. Moe (and Sadie) had fun imitating it. Not much to imitate!
It's nice having the youngest baby around. Everyone likes to play with him if he will let them. :)
Keaton (who is almost graduating!) and Easton
Victoria is always a good babysitter. Love her!

Those few things always take way longer when you've got lots of people! That was pretty much it! Church was the next day so people wanted to leave early. Our church got moved to 11:00 so we still wanted to play games. Cori did too. So we went over to Ryan & Cori's house. The girls wanted to watch a movie in their new theater room while we played "Ticket to Ride". We are such suckers for games. We love them. It was fun and a perfect ending to the day.

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Fun play-day in the snow!