Sunday, January 20, 2013

Davis Family Christmas Party

Shawn had to go to work on the 26th and 27th. My niece was nice enough to take the kids sledding. Then, we ended up going to The Hobbit with Melanie and Moe and Shawn's dad on the 26th. It was amazing! I didn't know it was going to be more than one movie. I'm excited!
On the 27th, my mom and sister and SIL were going to see Les Miserables while the guys watched the kids. (I guess they saw The Hobbit the night before.) They even agreed to watch mine! So, I hurried and packed up the kids and headed to Tooele just in time to see the movie. (It was snowing a little which means A LOT in Tooele but I didn't have any problems.) It was SO good! So moving! I had a few issues with the singing but I LOVED it! It had me crying several times.
That night, we picked Shawn up from work and headed over to the annual Stout Christmas Party. We always have it at my Aunt Doralyn's barn but this year they had it at my Aunt Rae's clubhouse. It was nice! The Pattersons arrived there at the same time we did. So it was fun to see them right-away. Shawn and Rob played ping pong and Foosball all night, there was a play area that I kept trying to keep Easton corralled in, and Brinley and I played "Burn the House Down" with several other people. It was a good night. We drove back to Tooele (Shawn went with Rob and Angie went with me so we could talk and catch-up) and stayed the night. We played some Trivia game where I whooped the sports part beating the 2 guys that know everything about sports! I was pretty lucky. :)
The next morning we all got ready for family pictures! Mom and Dad picked out a pretty spot but we would have to tromp through about 20 meters of snow. They brought a snow shovel and Shawn got to work making a little path for us. It wasn't too bad and I think the pictures turned out good despite all the whining. :)
Sadie started off things on the wrong foot. She put on Easton's clothes for pictures thinking they were hers.

Not everyone wanted their own family pictures and the ones that did ruined them with their coats on. Whoops! Did I just say that out loud? ;)

After pictures, we went back to the house for the Christmas party! We all made appetizers to graze upon throughout the day. The kids opened their presents from cousins and from grandma. Cambree got lucky with all her Legos! Brinley got REALLY lucky with her very own sewing machine from Grandma! She also got a Smash book for her scrapbooking. She is just starting to do that and loves it. She's a little crafter. Easton got cars and a t-ball toy and Sadie got a Princess and some lace-up animal-things.

My mom gave me a crockpot since mine cracked. My dad gave all the men a fun little remote-control car. He was excited to give that. We also played the gift exchange game. I wanted a cookie froster thing but it got taken from me! But I did get a Walmart Gift Card so I should go buy it. :) We also got an iTunes gift card that will be fun to use. The presents were good this year!
We played games and just talked all day long. We played Nertz, a game that we, as siblings, would play all the time. I hadn't played in forever and there was a healthy competition between me and Angie. I won though and STILL am proud of that win. I guess I'm not very humble about that. The kids watched a movies in my dad's home theater. It was just a nice, relaxing, fun day to be with family.
Oh, I guess mom played too. Kristy was playing but had to go feed Gage, so J.J. took her spot and it was just like old times. :)
There were so many cute babies to hold. Sadie loved it except when Logan wanted to grab her hair or face.
We wanted to get a picture of all the little babies that have been born in a year and a half. It was hard getting them together. They were either eating or sleeping but we finally got it right before some of them went to bed. LOVE it! They are arranged by age with Avery in the middle...the only girl.

It seriously lasted one second before they were moving and grabbing each other.


Tiffany said...

So I went to Tooele the other day to visit mom, and she was telling me that Dad got teary eyed when he saw the picture of all of the babies. I swear that man keeps on getting softer with age :)

Angie said...

He sure does!
So, how do coats ruin a winter photo anyway?

I'm so glad we went up there for the holidays this year. It was such a fun trip. I'm totally looking forward to the reunion at Duck Creek already.