Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Eve

Here's the annual Sunday-before-Christmas family picture. Love this's getting a little more complicated with so many kiddos and only my remote. But I think we got a good one. :)
I love this photo. I was checking my settings.
We had such a crazy Christmas plans I think I will have to take it a day at a time. My family only gets together every other year so I was planning to just do Davis side stuff the whole time. Last minute, we get word that Shawn's sister's family is coming from Cali and maybe his brother's family from Vegas and that the Hancock party has now changed dates. skiing with my side. The girls were bummed but I don't like skiing so I was pretty ok with it. We also did some other juggling but it all turned out great! We were just busy and staying up late every night but that means we were having fun, right?
Shawn's family got in town first, so we saw them with them the day before Christmas Eve, a Sunday. They were staying at Lynnette's house 5 minutes away. Since Christmas Eve was at our house with my family, Melanie took Brinley and Cambree to the movie "The Rise of the Guardians".
My family came over around 4:00 for an early dinner. We had a nice ham dinner and then did our traditional Nativity production. We even had Gage be baby Jesus! A few adults had to be in it since we didn't have quite enough kids. It was a little chaotic with Cambree being the most irreverent. Hopefully the more we do it the better they will be? Right? We talked a little more while the kids ran around screaming (they were excited it was Christmas Eve!) and everyone left...except my parents. They stayed to have Christmas with us.
We have to do some rearranging to hold our big family gatherings.
 And then I got camera-happy and took pics of everyone.
Her shirt said, "All Mommy Wants for Christmas is a Silent Night". So cute!!
Easton slept through dinner. We woke him up for the Nativity so he was kinda out-of-it for a minute. But he's sure a cute Shepard boy!

Our kids opened their jammies from Grandma Hancock and then it was off to bed! Cambree came up a few times so it was nice that my mom was around to take her back so we could continue our Christmas preparations. ;)


Jennifer S said...

I'm so glad you got camera happy because those are some cute shots! I am TERRIBLE about getting out my nice camera now. I am the laziest person alive and we really need to get family pictures done, but I don't even have a remote. Please tell me you are coming to North Carolina soon by some crazy chance because I still love the last family pictures you took of us (back when we only had Maddy).

Tiffany said...

Those are some cute jammies! Barbara always seems to do a good job with them.

Krystal Baker said...

Love - those family photos - the things that end up feeling not perfect about some photos are what makes them so great and loveable! You have a beautiful family.