Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Christmas Carol

So Shawn's parents really wanted to go to the musical "A Christmas Carol" at Pioneer Theater. They wanted to gift that to each other for Christmas. They aren't able to drive right now because of health issues so they needed someone to go along. We were so happy we could go! We wanted to take them out to diner before (Chuck-a-Rama...Larry's favorite!) but didn't anticipate the traffic and the crowds downtown. So we ate at a Hawaiian place and told them we'd take them out another time. It was pretty cold and snowing off and on but we made it just in time for the show. I LOVE seeing Broadway plays and this did not disappoint! I'm loving all things that get me into the Christmas Spirit. The stage was amazing with the floor occasionally moving in a circle like a clock. Unfortunately, Barbara probably only saw about 10 minutes of the play. She couldn't stay awake. Larry did better but still fell asleep during some parts. I know when I get old I will be the same way. :) It was cute cuz Barbara said she had a hard time following the play but wouldn't admit that she fell asleep. :)

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