Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

Sunday, we had all the Hancock adults (and Casey came over to play with our kids) over for game night. We do this every once-in-a-while and it's always nice to have it at our house so we can put our little ones to bed since none of Shawn's siblings have kids as young as ours. We had appetizers for dinner. Shawn looked everywhere for these little filo dough cups for a yummy appetizer he had found. No cups, but he did find the dough. We spent FOREVER making these little cups! Never again! The recipe was easy besides that. Ugh. They were good though! We had fun and stayed up way too late AGAIN!
The next day, my family came over for New Year's Eve. We had a simple dinner with soup (again thanks to my freezer meals!) and then just snacked all night. The kids just ran around and played or watched a movie. Everyone except J.J. and Kristy stayed the night, so it was a full house!(Tiff and David never came since David had to work the next morning.) We finally learned how to play our 7 Wonders game, thanks to Rob. We played Song Burst the 70's and 80's version. It was so much fun! We sang the night away! When midnight hit, we were so involved in our 7 Wonders game that we barely celebrated. We didn't even get up from the table. That's how fun that game is! Brinley banged some pots and pans for us...she was the only grandkid still awake.
The next morning, the Pattersons left pretty early. Nate and Mandy were going to leave but I talked them into staying since mom wasn't going to be home anyway. Great! More people to play 7 Wonders with! And we did! I'm sure Mandy & Nate are sick of it now. :)
Easton & Spencer playing with some toys.
Sadie was exhausted and fell asleep on the stairs.
Cute girls eating their dinner! Annie, Sadie and Evelynn.
My Christmas card door. It doesn't really belong here but I loved all the cards we got this year!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hancock Family Christmas

We usually celebrate the Hancock Christmas on New Year's day. It got switched up because Melanie and Moe decided to come for a visit, which was great! But then we weren't able to go skiing with my family. I don't ski but Shawn does and he was going to take the girls. So that was kind of a bummer. BUT we they got to go sledding with the cousins! It was so slippery, they could go down like a penguin without a tube. Easton came out but no one wanted to bother with him (and I didn't bring snow clothes) so he went back inside. Still no sledding for Easton. :(
Jace, Marlie, Jordyn, Jeff, Connor, Brinley, Cambree, Casey, Sadie
My SIL was awesome and brought her nice camera and got some good pics. I love these pics of me and Easton!
Then the kids opened their presents to each other. Brinley got a $10 gift card to Walmart, Cambree got a really cute chair, Sadie got a Playdo set and Easton got some boy toys: a snake and a ball.
Then all the siblings exchanged presents. Melanie and Moe gave us Settlers of Catan and a cute Christmas Countdown decoration that she made. Then, Barbara and Larry gave us gifts. We never know what we're going to get! She gave us clips to use on chip bags that she recycled from hangers and something else random was in the box but I don't remember. It's always interesting what she comes up with! They haven't been able to drive for a few months so I know she really had to get creative in her gift-giving. :) Bless her heart.

We had an Italian dinner where everyone brought an Italian dish. I sure lucked out with not having to cook during Christmas. I'm in a group where we make frozen meals each month and I had a lasagna! Perfect!
Then, we played the good 'ole White Elephant game. We actually ended up with a spice rack that could be useful (and something else that I can't remember)...but we really wanted the Nacho Libre movie. The Couch Potato showed up again. Moe (and Sadie) had fun imitating it. Not much to imitate!
It's nice having the youngest baby around. Everyone likes to play with him if he will let them. :)
Keaton (who is almost graduating!) and Easton
Victoria is always a good babysitter. Love her!

Those few things always take way longer when you've got lots of people! That was pretty much it! Church was the next day so people wanted to leave early. Our church got moved to 11:00 so we still wanted to play games. Cori did too. So we went over to Ryan & Cori's house. The girls wanted to watch a movie in their new theater room while we played "Ticket to Ride". We are such suckers for games. We love them. It was fun and a perfect ending to the day.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Davis Family Christmas Party

Shawn had to go to work on the 26th and 27th. My niece was nice enough to take the kids sledding. Then, we ended up going to The Hobbit with Melanie and Moe and Shawn's dad on the 26th. It was amazing! I didn't know it was going to be more than one movie. I'm excited!
On the 27th, my mom and sister and SIL were going to see Les Miserables while the guys watched the kids. (I guess they saw The Hobbit the night before.) They even agreed to watch mine! So, I hurried and packed up the kids and headed to Tooele just in time to see the movie. (It was snowing a little which means A LOT in Tooele but I didn't have any problems.) It was SO good! So moving! I had a few issues with the singing but I LOVED it! It had me crying several times.
That night, we picked Shawn up from work and headed over to the annual Stout Christmas Party. We always have it at my Aunt Doralyn's barn but this year they had it at my Aunt Rae's clubhouse. It was nice! The Pattersons arrived there at the same time we did. So it was fun to see them right-away. Shawn and Rob played ping pong and Foosball all night, there was a play area that I kept trying to keep Easton corralled in, and Brinley and I played "Burn the House Down" with several other people. It was a good night. We drove back to Tooele (Shawn went with Rob and Angie went with me so we could talk and catch-up) and stayed the night. We played some Trivia game where I whooped the sports part beating the 2 guys that know everything about sports! I was pretty lucky. :)
The next morning we all got ready for family pictures! Mom and Dad picked out a pretty spot but we would have to tromp through about 20 meters of snow. They brought a snow shovel and Shawn got to work making a little path for us. It wasn't too bad and I think the pictures turned out good despite all the whining. :)
Sadie started off things on the wrong foot. She put on Easton's clothes for pictures thinking they were hers.

Not everyone wanted their own family pictures and the ones that did ruined them with their coats on. Whoops! Did I just say that out loud? ;)

After pictures, we went back to the house for the Christmas party! We all made appetizers to graze upon throughout the day. The kids opened their presents from cousins and from grandma. Cambree got lucky with all her Legos! Brinley got REALLY lucky with her very own sewing machine from Grandma! She also got a Smash book for her scrapbooking. She is just starting to do that and loves it. She's a little crafter. Easton got cars and a t-ball toy and Sadie got a Princess and some lace-up animal-things.

My mom gave me a crockpot since mine cracked. My dad gave all the men a fun little remote-control car. He was excited to give that. We also played the gift exchange game. I wanted a cookie froster thing but it got taken from me! But I did get a Walmart Gift Card so I should go buy it. :) We also got an iTunes gift card that will be fun to use. The presents were good this year!
We played games and just talked all day long. We played Nertz, a game that we, as siblings, would play all the time. I hadn't played in forever and there was a healthy competition between me and Angie. I won though and STILL am proud of that win. I guess I'm not very humble about that. The kids watched a movies in my dad's home theater. It was just a nice, relaxing, fun day to be with family.
Oh, I guess mom played too. Kristy was playing but had to go feed Gage, so J.J. took her spot and it was just like old times. :)
There were so many cute babies to hold. Sadie loved it except when Logan wanted to grab her hair or face.
We wanted to get a picture of all the little babies that have been born in a year and a half. It was hard getting them together. They were either eating or sleeping but we finally got it right before some of them went to bed. LOVE it! They are arranged by age with Avery in the middle...the only girl.

It seriously lasted one second before they were moving and grabbing each other.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Day!

I was really excited for the kids to see what Santa brought them. We made them stay "asleep" until 7. I guess Brinely's clock is wrong because the called us on the phone (that's how we intercom) at 5:40 wondering if they could get up yet. From then on, I was toast. I couldn't go back to sleep (which has been the case for about a week! I don't know what my deal is). I put the breakfast casserole in the oven to bake (it's now a tradition and I can make it the night before so it's easy!) so it was ready when they could finally come up at 7. We made them eat breakfast (more torture!) and wait for Grandma and Grandpa to be ready and then they could see what Santa brought.
Trying to show how old they are.
Sadie was definitely the most excited out of anyone. She always is. :) She was excited to get Barbie movies.
So, Santa brought the girls Mall Madness Pet Shop version. When I was little, I had the Mall Madness game and LOVED it! They didn't make it very long and so you can find it for $300! Luckily, I Santa found the Pet Shop version. It is SO cute and SO much like the original!
Candy cane with a wrapper? He might get to the candy eventually.
Easton was just trying to eat things.
Cambree...not so excited.
I think it was a little bit of a let-down especially for Cambree. She wanted an American Girl doll and none was to be found. But there was a HUGE present that said "Open Last" and the presents under the tree. She did get a doll from us but it wasn't an American Girl doll. I think she's about out of the doll phase so I wasn't going to buy her an expensive doll. But right away, she knew it wasn't an American Girl doll. She still really likes it and took it everywhere we went during Christmas break. Now it mostly sits in her room not played with. I think it was a good call on my part. :) Brinley got her beloved i-Touch (our old one with many restrictions!) and Sadie got a Dream Light. Easton got a race car track. I was excited to get some boots and Shawn got basketball shoes for all the basketball he promises he will be playing. :)
There's some smiles.
After all the presents were open, they got to open the last big present. The elves sent them on a wild treasure hunt. They were running all over the house finding clues! Finally, the clues let them outside where they found a trampoline!! They were pretty excited but seemed a little confused (and maybe cold too). I thought they'd be more excited. Maybe when it gets warmer they will be.

Around noon, my parents decided to leave. They went over to my brother's house to see them and then they were headed home to be there when Nate and Mandy got there. I REALLY wanted to see them (since they live in Ohio) but would have to wait until later. Lynnette invited us over for Christmas dinner. They were having crab and ham (thank goodness for the ham!). Glad we had somewhere to go. Cambree and Casey have so much fun playing together.

Casey got Star Wars gear for Christmas. Cambree loved playing with it too!
Shawn LOVED having crab!