Saturday, December 14, 2013

Thanksgiving at Our House!

First time for us to host Thanksgiving and it was with the Hancocks. Luckily, my sister-in-laws were almost fighting over who got to cook the turkey. Yeah! I didn't have to do that! We just assigned people to bring the other things and we got left with a few pies, sweet potatoes, and a yummy frozen fruit salad. Not bad...besides cleaning house and setting everything up.
This year, Brinley came up with the idea (well, from The Friend) to do a Thanksgiving Tree. We just used whatever paper we had on-hand (obviously) and aren't crafty enough to make a tree trunk and came up with the Thanksgiving door. It was really fun coming up with different things. We will probably have to make it a tradition.
 This one made me laugh!! Spelling is definitely not Brinley's thing.
The night before Thanksgiving, the girls helped me make name tags. They turned out so cute! They table turned out nice too and I got to pull out my China!
Jody helped my girls make these cute turkeys for everyone when she watched the kids for a night (I will be blogging about that later...)
We had PLENTY of food and LOTS of leftovers. That's the best! I could not get enough of Ryan's Orange Rolls. SO good!!
And some pies...I pulled out the Chocolate pie after I took this picture...we didn't want the kids taking all the chocolate!
 The kids were having a blast playing outside. I couldn't believe how nice the weather was!!
(My SIL, Jody, took a bunch of these pictures.)
 The kid table.
 The teen table.
 And the adult table. We were able to accommodate everyone!
You see that mark on her neck? Nothing like a rope rubbed on the side of her glad Cambree didn't tie it around her neck!
 Doug is always so nice and did 2 loads of dishes!!
 Easton was VERY attached to Josh!
The kids built a massive blanket fort in the basement. So fun being a kid!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Free Zoo Day!

The day before Thanksgiving was a free zoo day. I thought it will either be really crowded or not because of the holiday. It was a GORGEOUS day for the zoo though so I thought it would be crowded. I went with my friend, Heather, and her 4 kids. It was quite the feat for the 2 of us to be on constant watch of 8 kids...Brinley was a big help though, of course. We went after lunch hoping that some of the crowds will have gone by then. They have added new parking so that was nice that we had a place to park. That was what I was most worried about. The zoo was pretty busy but not too crazy.
The Daddy Orangutan and the child orangutan (I don't know what the little ones are called!) were SO fun to watch! The child just wanted to play! The Dad would just lay there. It was fun seeing what the little one would do to get him to play.
The momma elephant was nursing her baby!! It was SO COOL to see the baby get down on her knees and start nursing. Wow!
This was the only time I took Easton out of the stroller. To see the seals and otters. There wasn't stroller access this close and I knew he would love it. He did! And he even got back into his stroller. What a good boy!

 Yeah. Sadie was SCREAMING her head off. She may have fallen off or something (I can't remember) but lately she's been playing it up when she gets hurt! Crying MUCH louder than necessary. And what do I do? Yup. Just take a picture of it. (No, I did comfort her after.)
We've never been to Zoo Lights but I'm sure this would be cool at night!
We've been to the zoo twice when it's colder and the animals are so much more active! This tiger was just pacing the gate and looking VERY ferocious!
Cambree kept posing with her "feathers" behind her head. I hope we didn't offend anyone wearing an Indian costume. I told her it would be cute to wear if she was 3 but not 8! People will just think you're weird. But she didn't care. She wanted the attention and even got some comments on how cute she looked. Right when we arrived even, the parking person said she looked great and that there was one other person dressed up like a pilgrim. Nice. Way to reinforce it!
And then I had her pose with the wolf...but she wanted to shoot it with her bow and arrow. :/
Oh no! Korver and Sadie are in the mouth of a lion! And that is when they started getting really silly and crazy...
The kids were pretty much worn out when we saw the giraffes and they had a little snack to walk out of the park to the car.
One more picture, kids!!
What a perfect day for the zoo!! After that, we picked up Shawn from work and headed home for dinner and Thanksgiving preparations.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cambree's Baptism Day

Cambree got baptized on November 2nd into the LDS church. She was SOOOOO excited for her big day and was telling everyone about it. Her Primary teachers mentioned that they wouldn't miss it! Cambree has been telling them for weeks! It was a beautiful day and lots of family and friends came to support her. My mom was already here since she stayed for Halloween. It was so nice since she helped clean (I cleaned all the carpets in the house!!) and get the food ready. She also stayed with the kids while Shawn and I went early to the church to get Cambree changed.
Cambree was the only one in our ward to get baptized. This was WAY different than when Brinley was baptized. Brinley had 7 other little girls being baptized when she was! So I wasn't quite sure how it was all going to go down. It was nice to put together the whole program and have it all highlight Cambree. My mom gave a great talk and Brinley was really brave and sang "When I Am Baptized". She was nervous but has a great voice and did such a good job. Cambree got to pick who said the prayers and the songs. She wanted her Primary teacher to give the opening prayer. She is so sweet and like a grandma to her. The closing prayer she chose Grandma Hancock. The songs were not the typical baptism songs but are her favorite songs: "I'll Walk with You" and "If the Savior Stood Beside Me". Everything went perfectly and the Spirit was definitely present (even with busy-body Easton). It was a great service.
Here's the group! This is mostly family. We had some friends come but they left before we could take the picture.
After the baptism, we went back to the house for lunch. Everyone helped make a salad or something and it turned out great!
Cambree got a little spoiled and received some thoughtful gifts. One cute one was from Aunt Cori's family. They got her a pillow case she could color. She also received a towel that Grandma Davis made and some necklaces from aunts and a journal from another aunt. Cambree said she didn't know you got presents when you got baptized and was pleasantly surprised!

 My Dad brought my Grandma. I was so happy she wanted to come. It's hard for her to get out.
 Cambree was being silly whenever I wanted to take she is with my parents.
 Same with Shawn's parents but in this picture, Larry pulled a face too. :)

And Shawn made the 8 cake again (We did it for Brinley's baptism. I love it so much!)...well, it was a team effort. I made the cakes and Shawn decorated. Even with the morning rush to get everyone ready, he was able to do it. He is good!!
The next day at church it was fast Sunday and Cambree could hardly wait until it was time to bear testimonies. I HATE speaking in front of people (in fact, I had a dream the night before that I was bearing my testimony and had another dream about a rattlesnake...two of my worst fears!) but Cambree convinced me to get up too. She is a great example to me in that respect.
I'm so proud of Cambree for wanting to be baptized! She is certainly maturing and becoming such a young lady. I'm happy to be her mother and happy that she is now a full member of the church and has access to all the blessings it has to offer.