Sunday, December 16, 2012

Turkey Day!

This year it was the Davis side to have Thanksgiving...which means quite a few people are involved. You've got my immediate family, with Tiff's family and J.J.'s family, and then my Grandma comes and also my aunt and her family and my cousin who is from Texas but at BYU came. So it was a full house!
We came the night before and helped mom with the food. The girls had fun rolling the rolls. I'm so glad my mom teaches them to bake because I don't do it too much.
We also had a nice array of pies! I made a pumpkin cheesecake pie that was a hit! I also made it for a Hancock Sunday dinner a few days before where it was loved also. I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin pie but Shawn is and I LOVE cheesecake so it was a great compromise!
Two cute babies eating their after Thanksgiving snack. Avery and Easton are 6 months apart. Can't wait to get all the babies together this Christmas!
After everyone left it was time to get our shopping figured out. We were kinda bummed that things were starting Thanksgiving evening but there was something on our list that we HAD to have so me, my mom, and my sister Tiffany braved the crowds at Walmart! It was a little nuts but I got what I wanted and we had to wait for event 2 for my mom to get what she wanted. So we were there for a LONG time just doing a lot of waiting but we got everything we wanted (and then some!) so it was worth it! Then we stayed up late playing Settlers of Catan.
The next day, we slept in!! We always go early for Black Friday but we already did our shopping! I bought a few things online but that was it! We decided it was nice enough to go to the park and let the kids run around. We also played a little soccer game. It was boys against girls, 2 on 4 and we still lost even though Shawn only kicked with his left foot AND he held Easton. Oh well. Our team was only me, my mom, Brinley and Cambree...and Sadie. :) Shawn told Brinley she was better than me at soccer. I don't know if it's true or not. My mom made me think I was doing SO GOOD! But she IS my mom and moms should make their kids feel like that. :)
Brinley is real serious about this swing pushing stuff. :)
My cute parents going after the soccer ball.
Sadie took this cute picture of my mom...
...and this dark one of my dad. :)
Thanksgiving was great with SO much to be thankful for! I have such a wonderful family and I can't wait to spend more time with them at Christmas. LOVE the holidays!!


Tiffany said...

That's a nice picture of mom that Sadie took! Geez!

Krystal Baker said...

What good, fun familiy memories. I loved those holidays with my extended family as a kid.