Wednesday, December 12, 2012

November Outings

The weather has been SO NICE that we've been out doing a few things in between all the photo shoots I've been doing. It's that busy time of year for us photogs!
The kids did a good job cleaning the house in the morning so we took them to Trafalga with Cambree's friend, Jordyn. Sadie is so big and can ride many of the rides. The girls LOVE laser tag and we did that too.
Here are the girlies. I still struggle with the phone camera. This was using the flash. What's with the purple color cast? I dunno.
Another weekend we went to a big family fun festival. There were crafts, food, bounce houses, etc. It was put on by UVU. It was crowded even though we went later in the evening. It was pretty fun and the kids had fun. I guess that's all that matters.
Cambree as a hairy armpit boy basketball player. Don't think that will ever happen.
I love that Sadie pulled that face without us telling her to. So fitting!
Nice. Maybe her future?

 They did some watercolors. I guess we don't do it at home enough. :/

Easton was kind of a pill not wanting to stay in his stroller. Thank goodness for Shawn's massive biceps to carry him around all evening. ;)

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Krystal Baker said...

I'm always impressed by what a good mom you are and how you and Shawn plan fun bonding activities with your kids!