Thursday, December 6, 2012

He's Walking!

Easton has been cruising around furniture for weeks. I thought for weeks he would be walking any day but it didn't happen. We practiced with him and still nothing. Finally, he did it on his own. He would take a couple steps from the couch or table, etc. I was so cute! So, he walked at 13 months and 2 weeks. Perfect! Sadie walked at 12 months, Easton at 13, Cambree at 14 and Brinley at 15 months. That will be easy to remember! Finally! I forget things so easily.
So, here is diaper-bum walking. He walks kind of like a monkey Shawn says. He sticks his chest out and his bum out and stiff legs. I guess that's like a monkey. :)
Shawn looks a little stoned but it's all I've got of him!
In other news, Brinley is such a sweetheart and made notes to everyone and left them on our doors one Sunday afternoon. I LOVE all the thoughtful things she said.
Dear Dad, You have been a great example. I am looking forward to grow up.
Dear Mom, You are a good teacher in church and in life. You have taught me a lot.
Dear Cambree, You have a spirit. You are always full of energy. That is good.
Dear Sadie, You are so cute. You try to make someone happy if they are sad. That is my favorite thing about you.
Oh shoot! I don't have Easton's!! It was really cute too! I will have to see if I have it.
And here's a bad cell phone pic of Easton playing with cars. He LOVES cars! He drives them on the floor and on the wall and on the appropriate car ramp. He even makes the car noise. How does he know to do that?!! It is SO cute!


Tawnie said...

Boys are born with car sounds and gun sounds. I noticed it with my boys. They are born knowing how to do boy sound effects.

Krystal Baker said...