Sunday, December 9, 2012

First Snow!

They weather has been crazy good and then all the sudden it snowed! Then it was crazy good again. I'm talking almost 60 degrees (at the first of December). I'm not complaining though. I like crazy good. :)
So this was Easton's first time in the snow. We got him all dressed up in DI snow pants, purple boots and pink mittens. I feel so bad for this kid. He wasn't walking at the time so he was just crawling around in the snow and falling on purpose into the snow on his face. It was pretty funny. Then, he didn't like the snow and would crawl on the cement and in the gutter. So yeah, his snow fun lasted about 5 minutes.
Ok, so her hair is looking really straight now. My sister pointed it out and I denied it but now I'm seeing it. Oh well. At least it's curly on the bottom. Still can't complain about her gorgeous hair!

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