Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Pumking Patch

Things were a little crazy this fall and we didn't make it too far to a Pumpkin Patch. This one is just down the road for us and a perfect activity for Family Home Evening.
I really wanted to go to this one just to take a picture of the sign. :) Some Latinos own it and don't quite know how to spell pumpkin. I love it!
I was also stretching the capabilities of my camera phone. I found that it had a flash that didn't work too well. Ugh.

Dang! This would've been a cute one if the flash didn't wash him out!
Sadie is rockin' the red-eye.
 Now onto the carving of the pumpkins...nothing too artsy here. Just tryin' to get the job done.
I think she was trying to make the same face...or not.
Don't worry. Easton screamed the whole time sitting in his high chair. He wanted to be part of the action even more. Probably like climbing on the table-action.


Jennifer S said...

I laughed over the "not artsy, just trying to get the job done" because that was totally my attitude about carving the pumpkins this year ha! and as always, your kids are growing up way too fast. brinley and cambree look so old now!

Krystal Baker said...

I LOVE the mouth on Brinley's pumpkin! How cute.