Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Perfect Halloween

It's only natural that it's past Thanksgiving and I'm just blogging about Halloween, right? I will get all caught up soon. I just know it!
Halloween day always starts off with the parade at the school. This year, I had to wrangle 2 busy kids. Not as fun this year and I only got video of the girls walking by. A first this year was that I got to help at Cambree's Halloween Party at school. So I dressed up! Gasp! I think that was the 2nd time the whole time we've been married that I dressed up. I was a goddess. How appropriate. ;) And here's my one picture that I took myself:
The room mom did an awesome job with the party. They had different stations and played games. There also was a mad scientist that was making all sorts of fun, gross concoctions. I had the photo booth. Some of the kids got into it and some didn't. I had a few props to help them along.
Brinley made a haunted house a few days before Halloween that I came to her class and helped with. They turned out SO cute!
Sadie knew just what to do with the photo props. Her face looks so cute. :)
We had a little neighbor soup dinner in our cul-de-sac. The weather was perfect! Not too hot and not too cold so it was fun to get together before the trick-or-treating started.
And here are my kids in their costumes! They were pretty cute this year...but I can never get a theme going on.
Cambree, an Arabian Princess
She just had to have a little color in her ponytail.
Brinley was ready to go to a masquerade ball.
Her mask I got from Italy. She was excited to wear it. I figured she was finally old enough to wear it.
Sadie was a fairy. When you asked her what she was she would say, "fairy" and slowly move her arms in a circle like she's presenting herself.
Easton got to be a pumpkin cuz I said so. Yeah, he's cute too.

This Halloween was SO fun! The weather was so nice that my neighbors in my cul-de-sac all just sat outside around their portable fire pit. So we had our candy bowls and the kids would just come around to us instead of our houses. It was great cuz I wasn't bored at home and could just sit and chat with my great neighbors. Shawn took Easton out for a few houses but then he dropped Easton off and he just chilled with me in his stroller. Whenever he would squawk, I would give him a smartie. It worked out quite nicely. Of course, Shawn took the girls everywhere and got lots of candy. Even Sadie kept up with them! Shawn probably said the most cheapskate thing I think I've ever heard about Halloween. He said they had to recoup our loses. So they had to get enough candy to cover what we spent on candy. WHAT??!!! Yeah, we are cool like that. Hope you had a fun Halloween too!


Krystal Baker said...

Great job on those costumes! Pretty! I have a mask from Italy too but have never worn it - how fun that you dressed up as well! This was the first year in I think ever that I haven't dressed up! :)

Jennifer S said...

I cracked up over your goddess joke, very funny! Your kids are all so cute and I can't believe how grown up Brinley looks in that dress and mask. Also, Cambree's outfit reminded me of the year I went as Jeannie from the I Dream of Jeannie show. Do you remember that show?? Good times... :)

Tiffany said...

I didn't know you got a mask at Venice! I thought you just got that decoration that 's in your bathroom. I should've gotten one too. It's so pretty! They're all so cute and I love how Sadie said she was a fairy.