Friday, November 30, 2012

My Cambree

I know this is a little late but I've got to do it and November is almost over! And I have to show off her cute pictures from our birthday shoot. It's so fun to go out with just her (well, Brinley held the reflector) and get some good pictures. A big dog did come running into our setup and it scared her for a minute but she recovered nicely.
Here are the things she's been up to:
-She is quite the little reader! I've had a few moms that help in her classroom tell me what a good reader she is. I guess in Kindergarten the teacher would have her read to the class if the teacher needed to help a child elsewhere. I had no idea until a mom told me about it!
-She still is my little social bug. She LOVES to play but has now gotten to the point where she has 2 or 3 bests friends and will usually only want to play with them. A girl needs a best friend so I'm happy for her!
-Cambree used to not be able to sit still for too long. Now, she will color or read for long periods of time. She also likes to do her homework right away! Love that habit!
-She and Sadie have a love/hate relationship. They LOVE to play together and Cambree is so cute with Sadie but they will also fight alot. Ugh.
-As you will see, she likes to look cute and have her hair a certain way. She loves that her hair is long now that she isn't cutting it seen here and here. So lovely. She also LOVES to pose for me. Many of her poses are the ones she came up with. Oh dear. What have I created? I love that she's totally into reading right now. I found a way to incorporate that. I even made the tent myself. :) I love how these turned out!
The fake laugh was all her idea!
These last few were ALL her! I gave her ZERO direction!
And there you have it! My sassy 7 year old!


Tiffany said...

These are really cute!

Krystal Baker said...

I love these! I feel like you get more and more talented all the time! I still say - hopefully at some point I get married and you can take my engagement pictures. :)