Sunday, November 11, 2012

Frightmares!!! Oooo! Scary!!

So we thought of doing a few things for fall break like actually going somewhere but just the thought of a drive or staying in a hotel room with Easton made us not want to do it. Instead, we went to Pizza Pie Cafe and Lagoon!!
I had JUST gotten my new iPhone (hooray!!) that day and took a few pics at the restaurant. It doesn't do low-light very well I found out. Ugh.

On Saturday, I went to Lagoon with the older girls!! This has a little story behind it. First we were worried about the weather raining all day. It turned out to just be cool but no rain! It was great! The next obstacle was the girls started throwing up Thursday night and Friday. Brinley was so bad I thought she had food poisoning from Pizza Pie. At around noon, they both felt fine and I still had high hopes to go to Lagoon. I feel like I've just been on auto-mode lately and not a fun mom at all. (In fact, Brinley just said last night that she thinks we've "come out of it" meaning we have a fun family again. :) Cute girl.) But Friday night, I started feeling sick. Oh no! I SO wanted to go! And Shawn was going to the BYU game all day (He went early and got to go down on the field with his brothers. He was in BYU heaven!) so that would mean I would have to stay home with all the kids and be sick. No way! I was going! So I said a prayer and I'm so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father that listens to my silly prayers and blesses me. My back has also been acting up so I slipped that into the prayer also. I felt fine when I woke up and was perfect all day long...besides my back being a little troublesome but nothing that Ibuprofen can't fix. :) Seriously though, I was SO grateful we could go! What better way to be a fun mom than do my favorite thing...ROLLER COASTERS!! I've also never been to Frightmares so that was fun to see people dressed up scaring all the teenage girls. I probably would've screamed (and wet my pants) like a teenage girl if they scared me. :)
We didn't want an odd number of people since someone would always be riding by themselves so Rachel came along! It worked out perfectly!

So the first ride we went on was the White Roller Coaster. It's still rickety and jostely and Cambree did not like it! Oh no! The girls wanted to go on Wild Mouse next. I had to talk Cambree into that one. Then they wanted to go on Colossus. No way was Cambree going to ride that one! It goes upside-down!! She ran away from me crying. Oh dear. I was going to show her a good time!! So I threatened her and bribed her and she finally got on the ride crying. I felt like the best mom. :/ But when we got off she said it wasn't that scary. Whew! From then on she was good to go on anything I wanted her to. Sweet!!

Umm...I skipped out on this one. It was never fun to go around and around and get squashed or try not to squash other people.
Cambree wanted to ride all the rides with me. See? I am a fun mom now!
They all were a little nervous to ride the Samurai, even Rachel hadn't ridden this one. But they did it and liked it!
Brinley was too scared to pose with the chainsaw guys.
My little iPhone camera did really well until it got dark. The cute girls on the train. :)
We saw lions and tigers and an ostrich!

This is because they didn't want to ride Wicked. They got hung. ;) Haha! No they wanted to go on Wicked except Cambree got scared right at the end of the line. I think she was tired and getting cold. It was the last ride we went on and it was SO worth it!! I've only been on it once and forgot it shoots you up to the top right off! I was kinda freaking out but I loved it and so did Cambree. See? You've just got to try it, you will like it. That's our motto around here. :)
Oh and remember the bribery I mentioned? Yeah, Cambree got to pick a treat at the end of the night if she went on every ride I wanted to go on. She picked ice cream even though she was cold. Go figure. I couldn't leave the other two out so they got to share one. :) It was a perfect day and I think I'm a fun mom again. Whew!


Tiffany said...

I am so surprised they all went on those rides!! Heck, I think I was 12 or something until I had the guts to go on Colossus. You've got some brave girls! (and some who will do anything for a bribe... haha) I'm glad you were able to go! I had no idea you've never been to Frightmares. We had the chance to go this year because Brooke does the make up for the people dressed up and she can get discount prices. But the group was going later and we didn't want to take Avery, nor could we leave her for so long with a babysitter without food. (ugh) Maybe next year!

Krystal Baker said...

So fun - and I love when the Lord does answer "little" prayers like that that are not really all that little at all! :)