Sunday, November 4, 2012

Easton's 1 YO Photo Shoot

Now, we're back to Easton's birthday. It's a crazy time of year for me with all these family pictures I'm doing so it took me awhile to get his pictures edited. He is one handsome boy I'd have to say! Before the pics, here is a little bit about what he's doing:
-His stats: he is 26 lbs...and I don't remember the rest. I just love his chunk!
-He crawls super fast and is into every drawer and cupboard in the kitchen and out. Keep those bathroom doors closed!
-He LOVES to eat! His favorite right now is probably bananas and grapes.
-He likes to clap and wave bye-bye.
-He can repeat some sounds like ma-ma, da-da, ba-ba.
-He still screams like a banshee. Like ear-piercing. still. getting. so. old.
-He clicks his tongue, which is MUCH better than screaming.
-He tries to sing, which is amusing when I have him with me in Primary. :)
-He stands and is pretty steady. It seems like he should be walking any day!
-He is NOT shy and will go up to anyone who will hold him or give him food.
-He LOVES to play with buttons, like remote buttons, the phone, the TV.
-Give him a pot and a spoon and he's happy for a while. He has been known to carry a spoon around all day.
-He still doesn't hold his own bottle. All my other kids could hold their bottle at 6 months old. I guess boys just want you to do everything for them. But that's ok most of the time. It's nice to feed him a bottle before naps and bedtime and just cuddle with him.
-He has a TON of teeth. I think like 8. But I'm not sure cuz he's the 4th kid and I don't pay too much attention to stuff like that. ;) There's hungry mouths to feed!
Now, on to the pictures! He is so dang cute! Take a deep breath and prepare to be overwhelmed. ;)
I wanted some cute crawling pictures but as soon as I put him down he was putting all sorts of stuff in his mouth!
Going for gangsta style. :) Love his big doe-eyes!

Now for the cake smash!! As soon as my friend put the cake down he was into it! I didn't get a picture beforehand. Then, he started to cry until we put frosting in his mouth then he was happy to dig right in! I just LOVE how these turned out! This was my high chair when I was little. They don't make them like that. We have gone through 2 high chairs already.

Do I need to resuscitate you? I almost die of his cuteness everyday. LOVE this little guy. :) (I'm on a roll today or something.)


Denise said...

oh my GOSH I need to reach right through the screen and squeeze him. That is all.

Jennifer S said...

He really is a REALLY handsome little boy, you know that right? :) love the cake smash photos too. i need to be better about taking good photos of my kids again. i got addicted to the ease and horribleness of cell phone pictures.

Tiffany said...

He is so cute! His hair gets to me all the time and that outfit was perfect!

Tara said...

Holy Cute overload! He is such a gorgeous baby - every time I see your pics of him I just gawk. :) Your pictures are, as always, beautiful!!! You do such good work!