Thursday, November 1, 2012

Brinley's Disney Piano Recital

Brinley has been doing SO well at practicing and playing the piano! She really likes it and is good at it. Their piano recital was really fun with everyone playing Disney songs. In between each number, her teacher had some Disney trivia questions. Brinley played "Bare Necessities". She had it memorized and could play it really well at home, but she got really nervous (for some reason, she said) and messed up a little at the first even though she had the music to look at too. I felt bad for her because I could tell she was nervous but she pulled through and finished it well.
We got a babysitter for Easton. Sadie just BARELY made it through.
The line-up...with our home teacher in the back. :)
The kids all got Sebastian suckers for a Disney-themed treat.
All fourth graders get to make an American Indian Diorama. Brinley picked the Goshute Indians. Shawn helped her make the box and tent structure. I helped her with the glue gun gluing the sticks on the tent and table.  She did the rest making little animals and people, a river and fish. She did a great job! Love it! (I love how this kind of homework is mostly for the parents. :/ I tried having her do as much as possible.)


Tiffany said...

That's fun! David and I made diorama's for our Valentine date last year. It was David's year and he was so excited to make them. We never finished and they're still sitting in our house because we still haven't shown them to each other... I can't wait to help out with school projects like these! You all did a good job!

Krystal Baker said...

Oh, the piano recital days...I dreaded those months and months in advance and then got sooo nervous I couldn't remember what I had memorized!

Jennifer S said...

I really want Maddy to take piano lessons too...and dance lessons...and horse riding lessons. and then, she just ends up not taking any lessons because they are so dang expensive it feels like. plus we don't have a piano anymore. I told myself that the next house we buy i am buying a piano and finding a church lady to teach her. you're such a great mom for finding ways for your kids to do so many great things!