Friday, November 30, 2012

My Cambree

I know this is a little late but I've got to do it and November is almost over! And I have to show off her cute pictures from our birthday shoot. It's so fun to go out with just her (well, Brinley held the reflector) and get some good pictures. A big dog did come running into our setup and it scared her for a minute but she recovered nicely.
Here are the things she's been up to:
-She is quite the little reader! I've had a few moms that help in her classroom tell me what a good reader she is. I guess in Kindergarten the teacher would have her read to the class if the teacher needed to help a child elsewhere. I had no idea until a mom told me about it!
-She still is my little social bug. She LOVES to play but has now gotten to the point where she has 2 or 3 bests friends and will usually only want to play with them. A girl needs a best friend so I'm happy for her!
-Cambree used to not be able to sit still for too long. Now, she will color or read for long periods of time. She also likes to do her homework right away! Love that habit!
-She and Sadie have a love/hate relationship. They LOVE to play together and Cambree is so cute with Sadie but they will also fight alot. Ugh.
-As you will see, she likes to look cute and have her hair a certain way. She loves that her hair is long now that she isn't cutting it seen here and here. So lovely. She also LOVES to pose for me. Many of her poses are the ones she came up with. Oh dear. What have I created? I love that she's totally into reading right now. I found a way to incorporate that. I even made the tent myself. :) I love how these turned out!
The fake laugh was all her idea!
These last few were ALL her! I gave her ZERO direction!
And there you have it! My sassy 7 year old!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Perfect Halloween

It's only natural that it's past Thanksgiving and I'm just blogging about Halloween, right? I will get all caught up soon. I just know it!
Halloween day always starts off with the parade at the school. This year, I had to wrangle 2 busy kids. Not as fun this year and I only got video of the girls walking by. A first this year was that I got to help at Cambree's Halloween Party at school. So I dressed up! Gasp! I think that was the 2nd time the whole time we've been married that I dressed up. I was a goddess. How appropriate. ;) And here's my one picture that I took myself:
The room mom did an awesome job with the party. They had different stations and played games. There also was a mad scientist that was making all sorts of fun, gross concoctions. I had the photo booth. Some of the kids got into it and some didn't. I had a few props to help them along.
Brinley made a haunted house a few days before Halloween that I came to her class and helped with. They turned out SO cute!
Sadie knew just what to do with the photo props. Her face looks so cute. :)
We had a little neighbor soup dinner in our cul-de-sac. The weather was perfect! Not too hot and not too cold so it was fun to get together before the trick-or-treating started.
And here are my kids in their costumes! They were pretty cute this year...but I can never get a theme going on.
Cambree, an Arabian Princess
She just had to have a little color in her ponytail.
Brinley was ready to go to a masquerade ball.
Her mask I got from Italy. She was excited to wear it. I figured she was finally old enough to wear it.
Sadie was a fairy. When you asked her what she was she would say, "fairy" and slowly move her arms in a circle like she's presenting herself.
Easton got to be a pumpkin cuz I said so. Yeah, he's cute too.

This Halloween was SO fun! The weather was so nice that my neighbors in my cul-de-sac all just sat outside around their portable fire pit. So we had our candy bowls and the kids would just come around to us instead of our houses. It was great cuz I wasn't bored at home and could just sit and chat with my great neighbors. Shawn took Easton out for a few houses but then he dropped Easton off and he just chilled with me in his stroller. Whenever he would squawk, I would give him a smartie. It worked out quite nicely. Of course, Shawn took the girls everywhere and got lots of candy. Even Sadie kept up with them! Shawn probably said the most cheapskate thing I think I've ever heard about Halloween. He said they had to recoup our loses. So they had to get enough candy to cover what we spent on candy. WHAT??!!! Yeah, we are cool like that. Hope you had a fun Halloween too!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Pumking Patch

Things were a little crazy this fall and we didn't make it too far to a Pumpkin Patch. This one is just down the road for us and a perfect activity for Family Home Evening.
I really wanted to go to this one just to take a picture of the sign. :) Some Latinos own it and don't quite know how to spell pumpkin. I love it!
I was also stretching the capabilities of my camera phone. I found that it had a flash that didn't work too well. Ugh.

Dang! This would've been a cute one if the flash didn't wash him out!
Sadie is rockin' the red-eye.
 Now onto the carving of the pumpkins...nothing too artsy here. Just tryin' to get the job done.
I think she was trying to make the same face...or not.
Don't worry. Easton screamed the whole time sitting in his high chair. He wanted to be part of the action even more. Probably like climbing on the table-action.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Frightmares!!! Oooo! Scary!!

So we thought of doing a few things for fall break like actually going somewhere but just the thought of a drive or staying in a hotel room with Easton made us not want to do it. Instead, we went to Pizza Pie Cafe and Lagoon!!
I had JUST gotten my new iPhone (hooray!!) that day and took a few pics at the restaurant. It doesn't do low-light very well I found out. Ugh.

On Saturday, I went to Lagoon with the older girls!! This has a little story behind it. First we were worried about the weather raining all day. It turned out to just be cool but no rain! It was great! The next obstacle was the girls started throwing up Thursday night and Friday. Brinley was so bad I thought she had food poisoning from Pizza Pie. At around noon, they both felt fine and I still had high hopes to go to Lagoon. I feel like I've just been on auto-mode lately and not a fun mom at all. (In fact, Brinley just said last night that she thinks we've "come out of it" meaning we have a fun family again. :) Cute girl.) But Friday night, I started feeling sick. Oh no! I SO wanted to go! And Shawn was going to the BYU game all day (He went early and got to go down on the field with his brothers. He was in BYU heaven!) so that would mean I would have to stay home with all the kids and be sick. No way! I was going! So I said a prayer and I'm so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father that listens to my silly prayers and blesses me. My back has also been acting up so I slipped that into the prayer also. I felt fine when I woke up and was perfect all day long...besides my back being a little troublesome but nothing that Ibuprofen can't fix. :) Seriously though, I was SO grateful we could go! What better way to be a fun mom than do my favorite thing...ROLLER COASTERS!! I've also never been to Frightmares so that was fun to see people dressed up scaring all the teenage girls. I probably would've screamed (and wet my pants) like a teenage girl if they scared me. :)
We didn't want an odd number of people since someone would always be riding by themselves so Rachel came along! It worked out perfectly!

So the first ride we went on was the White Roller Coaster. It's still rickety and jostely and Cambree did not like it! Oh no! The girls wanted to go on Wild Mouse next. I had to talk Cambree into that one. Then they wanted to go on Colossus. No way was Cambree going to ride that one! It goes upside-down!! She ran away from me crying. Oh dear. I was going to show her a good time!! So I threatened her and bribed her and she finally got on the ride crying. I felt like the best mom. :/ But when we got off she said it wasn't that scary. Whew! From then on she was good to go on anything I wanted her to. Sweet!!

Umm...I skipped out on this one. It was never fun to go around and around and get squashed or try not to squash other people.
Cambree wanted to ride all the rides with me. See? I am a fun mom now!
They all were a little nervous to ride the Samurai, even Rachel hadn't ridden this one. But they did it and liked it!
Brinley was too scared to pose with the chainsaw guys.
My little iPhone camera did really well until it got dark. The cute girls on the train. :)
We saw lions and tigers and an ostrich!

This is because they didn't want to ride Wicked. They got hung. ;) Haha! No they wanted to go on Wicked except Cambree got scared right at the end of the line. I think she was tired and getting cold. It was the last ride we went on and it was SO worth it!! I've only been on it once and forgot it shoots you up to the top right off! I was kinda freaking out but I loved it and so did Cambree. See? You've just got to try it, you will like it. That's our motto around here. :)
Oh and remember the bribery I mentioned? Yeah, Cambree got to pick a treat at the end of the night if she went on every ride I wanted to go on. She picked ice cream even though she was cold. Go figure. I couldn't leave the other two out so they got to share one. :) It was a perfect day and I think I'm a fun mom again. Whew!