Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cambree's 7th Birthday

Cambree and Easton's birthday are a little over a week apart and Sadie's a month before that. So fall is a little crazy around here for Birthdays. At least this year is not a friend party year. Hopefully I will have my act together for next year when they all have friend parties! For their family parties, we let them choose whatever they want to do/go (within reason). All Cambree wanted to do was go to Orange Leaf. Awesome! Easy!! We were going to my parent's house for the weekend for General Conference on Cambree's birthday so we needed to go to Orange Leaf before that. I also felt bad that all she wanted to do is go to Orange Leaf so I let her pick 2 friends to come with us, Ella and Jordyn. They brought her presents even though it was so last-minute, which was so nice of them! We went at about 7:00 at night, got our frozen yogurts, opened presents, and left. We let them come to our house for a little bit to play before taking them home. Easy party! Then, Cambree opened her family gifts. How easy is that? Hopefully she wants to do that every family party. :)

Brinley went a little overboard. We busy helping the other kids while she was busy helping herself!
So we made her share with Easton. Easton didn't mind!
These were her presents from us. Do you think she's like ponies right now??!
She finally got her cake on her real birthday at Grandma's house. She wanted an Orange Leaf cake. So this is what we came up with.
Happy Birthday to my 7 year old! I can't believe you will be baptized next year. We love you!

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