Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cambree's 7th Birthday

Cambree and Easton's birthday are a little over a week apart and Sadie's a month before that. So fall is a little crazy around here for Birthdays. At least this year is not a friend party year. Hopefully I will have my act together for next year when they all have friend parties! For their family parties, we let them choose whatever they want to do/go (within reason). All Cambree wanted to do was go to Orange Leaf. Awesome! Easy!! We were going to my parent's house for the weekend for General Conference on Cambree's birthday so we needed to go to Orange Leaf before that. I also felt bad that all she wanted to do is go to Orange Leaf so I let her pick 2 friends to come with us, Ella and Jordyn. They brought her presents even though it was so last-minute, which was so nice of them! We went at about 7:00 at night, got our frozen yogurts, opened presents, and left. We let them come to our house for a little bit to play before taking them home. Easy party! Then, Cambree opened her family gifts. How easy is that? Hopefully she wants to do that every family party. :)

Brinley went a little overboard. We busy helping the other kids while she was busy helping herself!
So we made her share with Easton. Easton didn't mind!
These were her presents from us. Do you think she's like ponies right now??!
She finally got her cake on her real birthday at Grandma's house. She wanted an Orange Leaf cake. So this is what we came up with.
Happy Birthday to my 7 year old! I can't believe you will be baptized next year. We love you!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Easton's 1st Birthday!!

Whoa. Did the year fly by or what?! Sometimes it did and sometimes it didn't. He has definitely been a challenge but I am so happy/glad to hit the one year mark. Things just seem easier after they turn one somehow.
Anyway, we had a little party for him 2 days after he turned one. Yeah, I skipped town on his 1st birthday. I'm a good mom like that. ;) I got to spend the weekend in the canyon with my mom, aunts, SIL, cousins, etc. We crafted away and had yummy food! I don't think Easton will hold it against me. I came home a happier mommy. So, we had my bro and his family over for a little party for Easton. We had dinner and just made ghetto cupcakes...nothing fancy, which he LOVED! Don't mind that I took a picture of the 1 backwards. There was just too much going on that I didn't even notice. :)
We are singing to him and he could hardly take his eyes off the cupcake. Oh, and his favorite toy right now is a spoon. He carries it around all the time.
Oh yes, he LOVED the cake! I did a whole cake smash session that I still need to edit, but take my word for it. It was CUUUTTTE!!
Now on to the presents. He wanted nothing to do with them, as you can see in the picture below. He just LOVES to crawl all around right now and get into things. He didn't open a single present but the girls didn't mind helping him.
He got some Baby Einstein DVDs. I think he liked it. :)
And we had to get our boy his first BYU jersey! I bought it big enough so hopefully he can wear it next fall.
Yup! It fits Sadie! That's a good sign it should fit next year.
My cute boy "playing" with his cousin, Justus.
...or trying to take his toy from him.
And here are the others at the party. Kristy just had their baby boy, Gage, last night!!
I wanted a pic in front of the birthday sign...didn't work out too well...even Shawn looks kinda dorky. ;)
Cambree wrote this cute note to Easton. I just love it.
 Well, I survived one year! Here's to many more!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Day in the Life...Random Style

Today is a good day for a bit of random. It's probably all from the last two months. Ok, here we go!
Brinley sometimes has a hard time practicing her piano. Easton loves to play too. She's always pretty good about it and lets him play with her. :)
It's still hard to believe I have 4 kids! There's almost always one that's not happy...Sadie would be the unhappy one here.
Uh...this is a little embarrassing. We have let out backyard go in a BIG way...especially the playground. We weeded this area only to have all the weeds come back a few weeks later. So I guess (subconsciously) we decided to let it go and tear it all out and put down a weed blanket of some kind...some day. Maybe next year? But Sadie and her cute friend still wanted to play out in it. I thought it looked so red-neck that I had to take a picture.
These kids like to play in the dryer WITH adult supervision. She climbs in and he bangs on the door. Works out nicely.

Easton's new and annoying trick is to turn on and off the TV. On and off. On and off. It doesn't end. So we put the toy basket in front of it. He climbs in it still does it. Then we put a chair in the basket and he still finds a way. So now, we are ghetto and have cardboard taped over the button. He doesn't even look at it. whew.

I actually did his hair during the week and he looked so cute even with a messy face. Sometimes I do his hair while he's eating. Less moving around.
She just looks too grown up here! Brinley is teaching her piano. When she's 8 we will get her a teacher.

That was kind of a day in the life of me...but over many days. :) The End.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Brigham City Temple Open House

So General Conference just ended. Wasn't it wonderful? We always go to my parents' house to watch it. It does get a little chaotic with all the kids around but we also get to talk about the talks and give each other insights and maybe things we wouldn't have thought of. I just love it. I feel renewed and so proud to be a Mormon. I love this gospel.
And now back to being a little behind...we went to the Brigham City Temple Open House on September 10th. Yes, it was a school day but it was Early Out day so they only missed about 2 hours of school and it was the latest time we could get tickets. They were getting reserved fast! My mom came along too and it was SO NICE to have an extra hand keeping the kids reverent in the temple. She explained a lot to Brinley, which I was grateful for since all the other kids just wanted to keep moving! That temple is beautiful! I love that it looks like the Pioneers could've built it. It's very ornate inside. I also love the peach theme throughout since Brigham is famous for their peaches.
The weather was a little rainy while we waited to board the bus.
Everyone was excited to ride in the bus!

My cute boys!

Sadie is actually sitting over there by Cambree.
When we got there, we watched a little movie and then walked around inside the temple. Cambree's favorite part was the baptismal font. Brinley said she liked the Celestial room. The girls were SO EXCITED to go INSIDE a temple! We've been to Draper and Oquirrah Mountain Open Houses but they were too young to remember much. I hope they remember this one. Sadie kept asking all day, "Temple, now?" So cute!
Afterward, we got cookies (I think Cambree grabbed 3!) and waters. Then we walked around the outside...and the girls liked the fountain in the front.

Glad mom was there to get a family picture of us...but it's hard to get everyone looking at the same time!
My girls!
We also walked across the street to the old Tabernacle. I took a picture of the temple from there. I love how the land worked out just right to have the Tabernacle and the Temple right by each other. I'm sure it wasn't just luck.

It was such a nice and relaxing afternoon. For dinner, we went to Idle Isle which is owned by some family friends. I wasn't sure if they would be working but they were! It was so fun to talk to them and catch-up. It was especially good to see Andrea since she just had surgery to get out the cancer in her thyroid. She looked good and said she was doing pretty good.
I'm so glad we made it a priority to go to the temple. It made a great memory and I hope the girls will remember what it was like and how they felt and that they will want to return to the temple as often as they can when they get older.