Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sadie's 3 Year Old Photo Shoot

Sadie has been such a fun little girl. We just all think she is the cutest thing and says the funniest things right now. She is still slow with talking but I took her in for an assessment and they said she's progressing fine. But she still only says about one or two words at a time and most people don't know what she is saying. So I'm still wondering if she will need to be re-assessed.
Here are some things she says:
-See-e (Sadie)
-simming soup (swimming suit)
-Morning! (Is what she calls nap time or bedtime)
-Breelee (Brinley)
-Eaton (Easton)
-Damee (cambree)
-Gickle (tickle)
-Hess (yes) She also says yessssss and fists her hands as she pulls them down like she's wanting a diesel to honk. Does that make sense?
She does say WAY more than this, but I for sure can't write them all and bore everyone.

Things She Does:
-I was really lucky to have had 2 girls that didn't care what they I have one that cares. She dresses herself almost everyday and then changes a couple times a day...yep! Now I have one of THOSE kids that change themselves all the time and make a mess of their drawers. :)
-She loves to chase Easton around while crawling on the ground. Easton loves it and giggles and screams.
-She sure misses her sisters while at school...especially Cambree. They play pretty good together...anything from Barbies, to trains, to the Wii. :)
-She likes to ride her "bike" (trike).
-She knows all her letters and numbers up to 15. She knows most of her shapes and colors.
-She is my little buddy and still likes to go wherever I or out of the house.
-At bedtime, she gets 2 stories read to her and then she makes song requests. The songs are always the same: Sunbeam, I am a Child of God, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I Love to See the Temple and ABC Song is the only one she insists on singing. Oh, and they have to be in that order. :)

I love to take my kids out for their own shoots. It gives me some fun one-on-one time...well, in this case I brought Easton AND I did my SIL's kids here too. I had this fun idea with a rocking horse (courtesy of my friend) and the perfect spot in Provo to do it. I LOVE how these turned out! Many of these show off her cute personality.
Just a few bloopers...she had the hardest time looking at my camera. So I would ask her, "where is mommy?" Then she would point at forever. I really am surprised at how many I have of her actually looking at me.
She my sweetie! I hope she stays sweet forever.


Jennifer S said...

Missy, these are amazing! And I know you know this, but she is seriously beautiful--like a little doll beautiful. :)

Denise said...

She's darling as always, and that color she's wearing is luscious!

Angie said...

She's such a doll! And she's grown up a bunch! Where are her curls? I hope she's not outgrowing those.

You did a fantastic job with her pictures. And I agree with the horse prop...perfect for a 3 yo.

Darci said...

Beautiful pictures! Please come take Kensie's 2 yr. pictures:) Kensie has that same dress!

Tiffany said...

She looks so old! I can't believe it!

Krystal Baker said...

Love that house and those colors! Do you know the people w/ the house or were you just brave and asked them?

Missy said... one lives there at the moment (that I know of). I heard about the house on a FB photog group and they all go there and shoot.
Darci, I would LOVE to do Kensie's pics! Wish you lived closer!

Mandy Summers said...

So cute! I can't believe how much she has grown since I last saw her! And that's great that she knows her numbers and letters!