Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sadie's 1st Dance Day!

So I couldn't decide if I should put Sadie in Preschool or not this year. Her birthday is 2 days before the cut-off and I'm thinking I will probably just have to hold her back a year, especially with her speech being so slow, but we'll see. Since she only ever plays with her sisters and LOVES dancing and watching Cambree dance, I decided to have her try dance class. She was anticipating the day for days! We found Cambree's old dance shoes and leotard (thank goodness!) and she was all set! She insisted on wearing a skirt too. Her teacher is in our ward, although I don't think she knows that.
I felt weird taking her picture and that they wanted to start class so I only got one crappy pic. :)
She wouldn't even look at me. Apparently, I was distracting her already. She is focused! :)

She had a GREAT time and got a treat. Her teacher said she can't understand a word she says but she loved to do everything!'s 2 more on a different day. She's just too cute! LOVE little feet in ballet shoes too. :)


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Angie said...

Sadie is already dancing...Spencer is already playing soccer and baseball. They just want to grow up too fast!

And your picture is so NOT crappy. It's my favorite one on this post!