Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cambree FINALLY Learned... to ride a bike! Good thing! I swear she's the only 1st Grader that doesn't know how. It's funny cuz she is my child with the most energy and spunk. But she is my most cautious one. Brinley's old bike and a bike we got from a yard sale both had issues with the chain falling off, so she never wanted to ride those bikes. Then, we got this bike from a girl in the neighborhood and it was perfect for her! She loved it and tried and tried to ride it. She didn't want anyone to help her. Finally, she figured it out and hasn't looked back ever since! She rides almost everyday now!
Brinley took all these pictures...either I'm getting more lazy or I was giving Brinley the opportunity to practice her photography skills. We'll go with the latter. :)
She rarely lets me do her hair how I want...and if she does, it's out by the evening.
See? There I am in the background with Easton. :)
Nice sunflare, Brin. :)
I wonder if Brinley got ran over to get this picture? It's a good close up!
Sadie also loves to ride her bike! I'm sad summer is coming to an end!! Love these summer nights!


Jennifer S said...

Cute Cambree! Also, Maddy still uses training wheels, I guess I didn't really think about there being a normal age when they learn to ride their bikes without training wheels. I guess we don't really get out to let her ride that much. I'm sort of giving myself a guilt trip as we speak, ha!

Krystal Baker said...

It took me a while to want to ride a bike too - scary! :)