Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sadie's 3 Year Old Photo Shoot

Sadie has been such a fun little girl. We just all think she is the cutest thing and says the funniest things right now. She is still slow with talking but I took her in for an assessment and they said she's progressing fine. But she still only says about one or two words at a time and most people don't know what she is saying. So I'm still wondering if she will need to be re-assessed.
Here are some things she says:
-See-e (Sadie)
-simming soup (swimming suit)
-Morning! (Is what she calls nap time or bedtime)
-Breelee (Brinley)
-Eaton (Easton)
-Damee (cambree)
-Gickle (tickle)
-Hess (yes) She also says yessssss and fists her hands as she pulls them down like she's wanting a diesel to honk. Does that make sense?
She does say WAY more than this, but I for sure can't write them all and bore everyone.

Things She Does:
-I was really lucky to have had 2 girls that didn't care what they I have one that cares. She dresses herself almost everyday and then changes a couple times a day...yep! Now I have one of THOSE kids that change themselves all the time and make a mess of their drawers. :)
-She loves to chase Easton around while crawling on the ground. Easton loves it and giggles and screams.
-She sure misses her sisters while at school...especially Cambree. They play pretty good together...anything from Barbies, to trains, to the Wii. :)
-She likes to ride her "bike" (trike).
-She knows all her letters and numbers up to 15. She knows most of her shapes and colors.
-She is my little buddy and still likes to go wherever I or out of the house.
-At bedtime, she gets 2 stories read to her and then she makes song requests. The songs are always the same: Sunbeam, I am a Child of God, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I Love to See the Temple and ABC Song is the only one she insists on singing. Oh, and they have to be in that order. :)

I love to take my kids out for their own shoots. It gives me some fun one-on-one time...well, in this case I brought Easton AND I did my SIL's kids here too. I had this fun idea with a rocking horse (courtesy of my friend) and the perfect spot in Provo to do it. I LOVE how these turned out! Many of these show off her cute personality.
Just a few bloopers...she had the hardest time looking at my camera. So I would ask her, "where is mommy?" Then she would point at forever. I really am surprised at how many I have of her actually looking at me.
She my sweetie! I hope she stays sweet forever.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cambree FINALLY Learned... to ride a bike! Good thing! I swear she's the only 1st Grader that doesn't know how. It's funny cuz she is my child with the most energy and spunk. But she is my most cautious one. Brinley's old bike and a bike we got from a yard sale both had issues with the chain falling off, so she never wanted to ride those bikes. Then, we got this bike from a girl in the neighborhood and it was perfect for her! She loved it and tried and tried to ride it. She didn't want anyone to help her. Finally, she figured it out and hasn't looked back ever since! She rides almost everyday now!
Brinley took all these pictures...either I'm getting more lazy or I was giving Brinley the opportunity to practice her photography skills. We'll go with the latter. :)
She rarely lets me do her hair how I want...and if she does, it's out by the evening.
See? There I am in the background with Easton. :)
Nice sunflare, Brin. :)
I wonder if Brinley got ran over to get this picture? It's a good close up!
Sadie also loves to ride her bike! I'm sad summer is coming to an end!! Love these summer nights!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sadie's 3rd Birthday!

Sadie's 3! And she knows it! She counted down her birthday for days. Brinley even gave her a calendar with stickers to count down since every day she was asking if it was her birthday. She also knew she was turning 3. I love it! She would say, "birday, free!".
Sadly, her birthday was on a Tuesday which happened to have soccer practice, piano practice, and back-to-school night. So, her "party" was a short one! We did go to Seven Peaks the previous Saturday and kinda counted that as her birthday. Luckily, she is just 3 and the excitement is still just presents and cake and being bigger. :)
Easton was there too...begging for attention. :)

I didn't really know what kind of cake we were making until a day before her birthday. Butterflies were super-easy to make (just a round cake cut in half) and a big hit! She's
She got some fun things...that cute dress was from my mom. I did her 3 Year Old shoot with that dress, but I'm WAY behind editing so hopefully I can show them off sometime soon!
Sadie is such a happy, fun, sweet, and easy little girl. I hope she stays that way!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sadie's 1st Dance Day!

So I couldn't decide if I should put Sadie in Preschool or not this year. Her birthday is 2 days before the cut-off and I'm thinking I will probably just have to hold her back a year, especially with her speech being so slow, but we'll see. Since she only ever plays with her sisters and LOVES dancing and watching Cambree dance, I decided to have her try dance class. She was anticipating the day for days! We found Cambree's old dance shoes and leotard (thank goodness!) and she was all set! She insisted on wearing a skirt too. Her teacher is in our ward, although I don't think she knows that.
I felt weird taking her picture and that they wanted to start class so I only got one crappy pic. :)
She wouldn't even look at me. Apparently, I was distracting her already. She is focused! :)

She had a GREAT time and got a treat. Her teacher said she can't understand a word she says but she loved to do everything!'s 2 more on a different day. She's just too cute! LOVE little feet in ballet shoes too. :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to School, Back to School... prove to dad that I am not a fool. What movie is that from??? I guess it might prove how old I am and that I USED to watch dumb movies. :) Anyway....
I was hoping to plan something for the last day of summer. Didn't happen. Pretty much that's how it's been all summer. Good thing someone in my neighborhood thought to do something. So we met up with them at the splash park and a picnic. It was fun except for Easton crawling around and getting his hand cut on some at a playground??? Not so good.
After Shawn came home from work, the girls were DYING to use their Target gift cards they got from a Cancer study they are involved in. So we went down there to spend them! Brinley bought a lamp for her new bedroom and Cambree bought a school shirt and dress. They are pretty smart spenders! We also made a dash to the shoe store and got 3 pair of shoes for $26...not too shabby, especially since they were cleats and boots in the mix. :) So they were finally all ready for school. They were SO excited! Brinley is starting 4th Grade (whoa.) and Cambree is in 1st Grade. So crazy (and nice since they have been fighting so much and need a break from each other) they will both be gone all day!

Her new dress she bought. :)
Thought I'd try a jumping pic. Sadie had to join in. Love her ponytail. :)
I think it's become a tradition for me to walk them to school on the first day. The Cougar is always out so it's fun to get pictures with him! It's also gotten me into a good habit of walking them to school when I can then I go running after. It's been great especially with this nice weather!

Sadie was absolutely devastated when the girls went into the school and she didn't get to go! So sad! She is definitely going to be lonely if I don't start planning some activities! She loves being with her sisters. But I am so glad the girls are back in school and to have a schedule again! Hooray!