Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sleepy Sadie

Sadie still likes me to call her "my baby", which is just fine with me (as long as she doesn't act like a baby). She is very independent and does a lot for herself so it's kind of nice when she does want to snuggle. One day she took it a little too far. I had been in the kitchen for a while and started wondering where Sadie went. She goes off for a little while but will come back within maybe 10 minutes. So I started looking for her. She's not one to get into things (yet!) but I was thinking that's what I was going to come across. Instead, she was asleep in Easton's crib! That was so funny! I went out to get my camera but when I came back in, she woke up. So I got a picture of her awake. :) She is such a sweetheart. I don't want her to turn 3! That's when they get terrible for me!
Another day, I needed to wake her up to go somewhere. I found her all snuggled up and asleep with her book. I always read to her before naps and bedtime but it was just so cute that she was asleep with the book. Ok, and it's kinda creepy that she sleeps with her eyes open!! Yikes!

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Angie said...

She really sleeps with her eyes open that much? Creepy. But cute.