Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Finally!! A Vacation!!

Even if it is a family reunion, it's still a vacation and it was such a nice one too! It officially started on July 25th but Shawn had the 24th off so last-minute we decided to break up the trip a little (especially since Easton is awful in the car...won't sleep and screams for joy/boredom 1/s2 the time) and go to Cedar City to visit my cousins that we miss. My cousin, Rachel, was SO nice to let us crash at their house. My girls had a fun time exploring the "green belt" of sage brush behind their house. They also have TONS of reptiles that the girls liked looking at...not so much touching. :) They also have their garage all decked out with a skate boarding ramp, a climbing wall, and a zip line. So the kids were out their most of the time. Unfortunately, Sadie was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time and got hit in the face with a metal baseball bat. She was crying and crying and then peed her pants which was more trauma. I felt so bad...and that was only the first of her bad luck. :(
I'm such a mean mom to take her picture in all her misery. Right now it's just a bump but it gets more and more colorful as the reunion goes on!

For dinner, we went to my other cousin's house, Paul, for a BBQ. It was DELISH with PLENTY of yummy food! We were treated so well! The adults just relaxed until it got dark enough to do fireworks. Cedar City had a ban on fireworks unless you did them in designated places. So we went to a nearby parking lot. Oh my goodness! It was chaos! Yeah, no fires would start in fields but I thought for sure somebody would get hurt! People were everywhere lighting fireworks! My girls were a little scared at first (which was fine by me!) but then they got a little braver just as a nearby firework tipped over and shot fireworks at us. We ran behind the cars but Brinley and Sadie got hit a little. Nothing serious, just a spark thank goodness!

My cousin and his son, Ethan.
I can't tell you why she couldn't watch. I thought it was more loud than scary/bright. :)

The next day, we were able to get up whenever (which was good cuz the girls stayed up way late!) and casually pack. Kanab was our destination and it wasn't too far to drive. We got to drive past Colorado City but Shawn didn't want to actually drive IN it. Where is his sense of adventure?? So I tried to get pictures as we passed by. Not very successfully.
I guess many of the houses aren't finished so they don't have to pay as much taxes...urrr something. Makes the town look trashy.
That was a long enough post I guess this was Part One of our lovely vacation!

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Tiffany said...

Yeah, that city is creepy. Did you see the pink sand dunes??