Saturday, August 11, 2012

Boring Summer

This summer is turning out to be quite the that, I mean kinda lame and boring. Shawn keeps leaving me to do various responsibilities and that is never fun. I know I'm spoiled with all he does so it's probably good that I'm on my own sometimes. Its getting old though. Can you tell I need a vacation??
SOooo...Shawn left for Scout camp for a few days. There wasn't any cell phone service even though they were only 30 minutes away. It was pretty boring not having any adult interaction on some of those days. ANYWAY, I bought a slip-n-slide to help with the monotony and pulled it out when the kids were bored one day. We had some neighbors over and they had a great time. Sadie even could kinda do it if she crawled.
Love that determination.
Girls Camp was also going on at the same time. They had me come up to take some pictures (they were just up the canyon like 15 minutes away). That was fun and made me miss Girls Camp! It was also nice to get a break from my cute kids. :)
I hope I don't get busted for posting these of my friends... :)
Fun leaders!
One of my girls' favorite babysitters. :)
Thankfully my next post is probably our vacation!!


Tiffany said...

Yeah, Brin looks like Spiderman!

tracie said...

You are so busted!!! Ha ha.