Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our Family Pictures in Zion's

Since we were already doing a big group family shot, I wanted my talented sister-in-law, Jody, to take our family pics. I got up at 6:30 a.m. to get myself and everyone ready to TRY and beat the sun. We started at about 8:00 I think. We certainly lucked out with the property we stayed at. The backyard of the house had red rock and if you hiked back a little further, there was an old, abandoned train car! Sweet! Also, the old Stampin' Up warehouse was just up the road which had a cute old western look. So, it was A LOT of fun to do our family pics there. Jody did a great job!

Even though Sadie had a black eye...I still love them!
Brinley's fake smile is SO HARD to make go away!! I thought she had it fixed after her birthday pics. Oh well. Memories, right?
And then there's Cambree, my little poser. :)

Glad to have those checked off my to-do list! We love them! Thank you, Jody!!
Oh, and we can't go without some bloopers! These are unedited...Jody takes the pics and I edit them. And I do the same for her. It's a fantastic trade. :)
I love Easton's face. He kept scrunching his nose like that!
A little behind-the-scenes on these...Shawn looks like he is gonna smack her!
How did she get so dirty???

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Part 2: Hancock Family Reunion

Super Post!!!
Day 1-We made it to Kanab about mid-afternoon. Bryce and Jody got to the house a little before us. Jody was in charge of the whole thing, bless her! The vacation house was A-MAZING! The owners of Stampin' Up own it and had lived in it, so it was pretty sweet. The grounds had an awesome pool, playground, fire pit, pool table, and plenty of rocks to explore. There wasn't really cell phone reception (except my phone-Verizon rocks!) so the teens had to figure out things to entertain themselves. It was good cuz I actually got to talk to them more! I highly recommend it! As soon as we got there, the kids wanted to swim. We held them off for a little bit to get unpacked but then they swam while I went into town with Jody to get some more food. The first day was just nice to relax, unpack and wait for everyone to arrive!
Grandpa with Easton looking a little unsure. But I had to get a picture with his cute shirt and Grandpa.
While swimming, Sadie got stung by a bee! Poor girl! She's getting beat up! Baking soda and water took the sting right out though.

Day 2-It was Zion's day!! Jody was SUPER-NICE and watched our 3 girls so Shawn and I (& Easton) could hike The Narrows with the teenagers and Bryce, Doug, Lynnette, and Val. Shawn got to do it last year with my family but I was pregnant so I didn't get to go. I was really excited! We rented shoes and hiking sticks which saved me so many times! The hike was awesome! Not only is it gorgeous, but you get to hike in the water so it didn't feel like 97 degrees! I was worried how Easton would do since he doesn't ever sleep anywhere except his crib. And I changed THE WORST diaper in my life! I put him in a swim diaper (since we were going in water) before we left the house. I should've waited until we actually went on the hike. Dumb on my part. I had to change him in the car at the shoe rental place. Diarrhea was EVERYWHERE!! He (and I) stunk so bad. Flies were all over! He got it on his shorts so I took them off and just planned to wash them in the river. But it took forever to get to the river cuz you have to catch the shuttle and ride clear to the very end. Ugh. It was awful. ANYWAY, Easton did really well after that and actually slept a little in the baby backpack. We were pleasantly surprised. And can I just say, that Shawn was amazing?? He didn't trip ever and could've gone a lot faster if I didn't have the water and food in my backpack. ;) Everyone was impressed to see a baby on the trail too. We didn't do the whole hike but we probably went about 5 miles total. We went up Wall Street a little and then had to turn around. It was an all day thing and we were all exhausted (and I might've walked a little funny and old) but it was awesome and I'm glad I got to go! Update: My second toe's toenail came off! I got a blister on it and then it fell off a month later. That's the 2nd toenail I've lost at Zion's. Nice...
The whole group before we started.
Seriously, we witnessed a miracle!
Wow! Is this what life was really like before 3 other kids?

Lynnette (Shawn's oldest sister) is over 50 and rocked it! Hancock Pioneer stock right there!
I guess I'm the only cool aunt to go in the freezing water with the teenagers. It felt refreshing!

Meanwhile, Jody, Sarah, and Breanne took all the littler kids into Zion's. They hiked Emerald Pools and had a picnic. They had a great time and were good little hikers. Even Sadie rocked it!
She kept growling for Jody's camera.

There's a good one! With her black eye and all!
The whole kid group (minus Jody)
Cute cousins

Day 3-Jody made arrangements to go to the Best Friends Sanctuary. Since I'm not really into pets, I had no idea how popular this place is. I guess there was a tv series on the National Geographic channel about it. We rode in shuttles and got a tour. It's HUGE and they take in dogs, cats, horses, some bunnies and birds. They have many amenities and rehabilitation (acupuncture??!!) for the animals. It was pretty crazy. Tons of volunteers come to help out. It's really amazing.

Easton was SO excited to see the doggies!

Cats were everywhere!

This cat kept passing by Easton's foot and tickle it. He was totally laughing!

After that, we went to a cute park for a picnic lunch. Then, we went back to the house to swim, of course! When it got dark enough, we had the Hancock Talent Show! Brinley represented us and sang "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele with Cambree dancing around in the back. Brinley did a great job but was SO nervous. She wouldn't look at anyone. Then, Cambree decided she needed to perform so she was totally unprepared and danced to "Call Me Maybe". Everyone came prepared and it was so fun and creative! It almost turned into a dance party but the battery died on the speakers. :) We also had camp cones in the BBQ (a cone with fruit, chocolate, and marshmallows melted). They were fun and delish!

Keaton and Easton...he loves babies. So cute!
Buring Tyson in the rubber stamps from Stampin Up. They sponsored/made this park.

The pool was on the cool side so we hung out in the hot tub a lot. How many Hancocks can you fit in a hot tub? 15 with a little bit of room to spare! Story: I noticed Sadie was kind of hugging and jumping on Uncle Ryan (guy with the black hat on the left). She has thought Ryan was Shawn before so I asked her, "Who is that?" She said, "Daddy!" We tried telling her it was Uncle Ryan but she insisted it was Daddy. I think Ryan thought it was pretty fun. Then we told Shawn to come out. She was confused for a minute and then didn't want to sit on his lap anymore. It was pretty funny and fun that they look so much alike.
Uncle Val doing Superman with Easton. He's got some pretty strong core muscles to do that!
Barbara and Larry told stories for the Talent Show.

Day 4-I woke up at 6:30 a.m. to do our family pictures before we did the group pictures. Yes, I WILL sacrifice for good light!! I loved how ours turned out (thanks to Jody!) but this post is already getting too long so I will have to post them in another post. I did a few for Jody's family until everyone was ready for the big group one. It took too long and the sun was too bright so it didn't work out so well.
This picture is slightly edited but no head swaps or fixing the sun spots. ugh...Jody is going to edit them since it was her thing...we just used my camera. :)
We were on this AMAZING property with the old Stampin Up warehouse all decorated like an old western town. LOVE this one of all the silly cousins.
We got a good one too. :)
Sarah told Barbara and Larry to kiss. Barbara was surprised at the request and was funny about it. But there's nothing funny about this shot! I LOVE this right after their kiss.
The Hancock kids minus 2. :(
Well, pictures took all morning and everyone was hungry and dying to get in the pool again! Jody also had some awesome crafts! We made t-shirts, necklaces, and bracelets. It was so fun!

Me and Claudia crafting away!
We really didn't get much sleep since we were partying the nights away! On the last night, we stayed up playing games until 2 a.m. Even Easton only got up once a night. We all thought Sadie fell asleep at dinner, but it turns out she was just hiding. She was "hiding" for a long time! I love it anyway.
LOVED this reunion! It was relaxed (well, besides hiking the Narrows) and simple. I needed that! We were able to hang out a lot and a reunion should be!