Monday, July 30, 2012


We really have had a low-key summer this year (good thing or I'd even be MORE behind blogging). It seems whenever I make plans Easton messes it all up. I would just get off-schedule but he NEEDS a nap IN HIS BED or everyone will hear his death scream. ;) Even though I'm a planner, I've had to put that aside and just decide if it's a good day and if everyone is on a good schedule and then just GO (cuz he has a different schedule every day). This day happened to be one of those days. We could only be there for about an hour and a half but it was perfect and the kids had a great time! Sadie even rode on some rides and LOVED it!! I'm so glad my older girls can help her out too.

Cute boy stayed in the stroller the whole time.
Brinley loves to climb. She can get up there pretty high!
All 3 of my girls in the airplanes. :)
Brinley rode this ride while Sadie and Cambree were on the swinging ship.
So the float boat ride was great! Sadie was excited to go. I love how the girls are always ducking to not get wet and Sadie doesn't even care! Brinley was really good with her and caught her as she was reaching over the edge to touch the water. Whew! Another "whew" moment was when Cambree was trying to get out and slipped a little. The worker caught her before she went in the water. I felt so helpless but someone has to stay with Easton!

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