Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I tell ya. I'm so creative with my blog titles.
So I'm TRYING to slow down and enjoy the quieter raspberry picking?? I guess that fits into that category. But I was mostly messing with my new camera again, still trying to get the hang of it. I had babysitting co-op at my house and those kids like to pick raspberries. Mostly so they can eat them. :) Our raspberry bush is going nuts this year! We need to tame it somehow. It's starting to come up in the grass. But we love it and I'm glad we are growing SOMETHING since we don't have a garden yet, if ever.
This kid always has a fro. It would help if I at least combed it.
ALMOST crawling.
Cambree is scared of the bees and would tell David where to pick.
Sadie's not scared!


Kris said...

So jealous of your raspberry bushes! Once we own our own home again (after graduate school) we are totally planting some of those.

Tawnie said...

That is so funny because he just got stung today by his first bee. I bet he will be more careful now. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer S said...

you guys are adorable. but nothing is more adorable than Easton's hair. gah, what a cutie!!