Friday, July 20, 2012

Neighborhood Summer Day Camp

Right at the first of June, Shawn went to Atlanta for a few days for work. I was DREADING it! I mean, school just got out and now I have to entertain them all by myself 24/7?!! Luckily, a little flier came to our door about a little day camp a family was doing in our neighborhood. Yea! So, for the week Brinley and Cambree would get to go (Right during nap time I might add. Score!) for a couple hours and have some fun. They had a Pirate/Princess day, a Rock Star day, a Building day, a Spy Day and a Water day. They had so much fun every day!
Princess Day. Brinley happened to get a little sick that day. They let her go a week later. Cambree sure loved getting her hair curled and makeup done!
Rock Star Day. They even performed in front of each other.
 Building Day...I think they might've built something??
 Money well spent and made the week go by so much faster and better for me!

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