Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Birthday

Another year older and wiser. hummm...yup! I had a birthday...or birthday weekend...or birthday weekendS. Friday night, we went with some friends to the Utah County Parade of Homes. I haven't been for a LONG time so it was really fun to go look at houses we would never be able to afford! Someday we will redo some things in our house so it's also fun to get ideas. (Sorry for the blurry iPhone pics.)
This was a LIVE plant wall art piece! Crazy! I think there's even tubes in there that water it.
I love a good bathroom.
Super fun play room/bedroom for the kids!
Clever idea for a headboard to pin up photos. Love it!
Inspiration for Brinley's room that we will hopefully get done this summer!
SUPER blurry but a cool idea! This room was under the stairs.
Yup! Indoor bball court. Shawn's dream.
Saturday, we took the kids to 7 Peaks in the evening. It worked out so nice going later to avoid the crowds. Shawn and I took turns taking Brinley or Cambree on the bigger slides but they also just enjoyed the wave pool. Easton and Sadie liked the wave pool too. It was a perfect day topped off with a cheesecake birthday cake.

The best part of my birthday was I got a NEW CAMERA!! I've had my old one for 6 years and it was starting to be a little temperamental. So it was time. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!
The next weekend, I got a pedicure with my BFF and went shopping. Gotta love that! Then, Shawn and I went to The Roof while Barbara watched the kids for a little bit. LOVE The Roof! They gave us a little birthday sign on our table and a yummy Italian Sherbet dessert thing...even though you have a plethora of desserts to choose from! I think Shawn had 4 Creme Brulees!
We all look so good after swimming! Brinley took this with my new camera. Not too bad!

So far, this has definitely been the highlight of my summer. I guess that's a good thing. :)


Jennifer S said...

Missy, you look SO great in these photos! You never post pictures of yourself, and seeing all of these pictures made me miss you! Happy belated birthday, and I'm so glad you got to do lots of fun things, you deserved it!

Jennifer S said...

p.s. did shawn literally eat four creme brulees? that is awesome....

Julie Baldwin said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! What kind of camera did you get? Devin wants a new one so bad.

Sant Family said...

Happy Birthday! I agree it is great to see YOU. You look great! I love that bathroom! I always feel a combo of depression/inspiration after I go :).

Denise said...

Oh yeah, I love Parade of Homes, even if it does make me feel like I'm returning to a hovel at the end of the day. I really want to recreate that art studio for M (but I won't, I have no illusions about my follow-through, lol). One of these days I really need to try The Roof. Looks yummy!

Missy said...

Wow! Thanks for the nice comments...I do try to be in pictures more but let's face it, my kids are WAY cuter!
Jenn-Shawn wanted me to clarify that the creme brulees were small. :)
Julie-I got a Canon Mark ii. The iii just came out so the ii went down in price a little. It's definitely a pro camera and now I feel like a pro! I love it!