Saturday, July 28, 2012

Morinda Gardens

I had a photo shoot scheduled at Morinda Gardens (aka Tahitian Noni Gardens). I hadn't been there before so I needed to check it out beforehand. It's free and it's lovely! It's not a big garden but the girls had fun walking around and helping me pick out spots to shoot. They are getting an eye for it, I have to say! They also were having fun posing all silly. :)
Are those really all mine???
Sadie had a thing going that day and wouldn't just smile!
I wanted to have all the kids posing with the statues...then they saw a bee and all went running! No amount coercing could get them I stuck the baby there! He had no choice...poor kid. And, no, he didn't get stung but not the smartest idea on my part. :)

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