Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lehi Rodeo

I am on a roll!! And this is the last of my June posts! Whew! Only a month behind. :)
This year was THE year to go to a rodeo!!! Shawn's VERY FIRST rodeo, I might add. We got a sitter for the 2 babies (Sadie is my baby too) and took Brinley and Cambree. I got the girls all dressed up with braids and hats and met up with The Dunns since they go every year and knew what's up.
We had a fun time! The girls liked the barrel racing and bull-riding the best. I had forgotten how kind of bad it looks on the animals with some of the roping competitions. It's been a LONG time since I've been to a rodeo too...since my Delta days that's for sure! They also had dirt bikes doing jumps and tricks. That was fun to watch too. I don't think we will go every year but we will do it again for sure!
Notice how Jeff had to be a part of our picture...nice, you ruined it!! ;)
Cambree loves holding babies! This is Nicole's baby, Parker.
Um...yeah...I think there's a motorcycle jumper in there somewhere.
There were a few injuries. This guy got thrown off into the fence. Ouch.


Krystal Baker said...

I love rodeos - I went to the Days of 47 this year. Fun family memories! :)Didn't we go to a demo derby one year in Delta or Tooele or somewhere?

Missy said...

It was Tooele. Love those Demo Derbies!