Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dogsitting Sophie

Shawn's sister's family went on vacation and asked us to watch their dog. We've never watched their dog before and I was nervous about it. I didn't grow up with dogs, just cats, so I wasn't too sure about it. Shawn was also gone for work for part of the time so I didn't really know what to do. The only thing Sophie (the dog) had going for her is that she's an old dog and mostly I knew she wouldn't be hyper/jumpy dog and she wouldn't bark if she couldn't hear anything to bark at. So I said yes and we had a dog for 5 days. The kids had fun feeding her and walked her everyday...and they scooped the poop. :) She did wake up early and needed to be taken out to use the potty but other than that, she was an easy dog! So it was a fun experience for the kids but I know I'm not ready for a pet and for sure not getting a dog anytime soon! But we will dogsit every know and again. :)
Shawn put her up on the oven (it wasn't hot anymore) and she cleaned it right up! I do love that about dogs that I didn't have to sweep the whole time she was there. :)
Cambree was definitely attached to her the most.
And we took a walk to the horses. It's so fun to live right by them and the kids just love it and love feeding them.


Julie Baldwin said...

You take the best pictures!... And I would never be as kind as you to watch someone's dog.

Julie Baldwin said...
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