Sunday, July 1, 2012

Brinley's 9th Birthday

 It's always shocking when my oldest has a birthday and then I say, "I have a 9 year old!" It's crazy that the kids are growing up so fast! Anyway, it was a family party this year not a friend party...BUT I had a Groupon for Cowabunga Bay and decided she could invite one friend and she invited Brooklyn. I got to take the girls while Shawn stayed home with the rest of the kids. He's nice like that. :) We've never been to that water park before but it was a lot of fun! It's small and perfect for just a couple of hours. It has slides, a lazy river, a little pool, and lots of water toys. I realized that I hadn't been on a water slide in probably 10+ years! So that was fun for me! We all had a great time and it was fun to hang out with just them.
Brinley's birthday was on a Monday so going to Cowabunga Bay was celebrating it a little early. We let her open her presents that day too (what kid wouldn't?) and then did her birthday cake on her actual birthday. AND we went to her favorite restaurant for dinner, Pizza Pie.

At first she just wanted a plan cake but then she though of waterslides and wanted a waterslide cake. do I do that? Licorice! It worked out and actually stayed up!
 She is such an easy girl to please. We love you, Brin! Happy 9th!


Denise said...

Look at your cute licorice water slides! So clever!

Julie Baldwin said...

Your cake is awesome!!!! Way to be creative!!!

Krystal Baker said...

I shoudl go there sometime - I always see it off the freeway and am intrigued! It was so fun to play with you guys at the Splash Pad this week - thanks for inviting me! :)