Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lehi Rodeo

I am on a roll!! And this is the last of my June posts! Whew! Only a month behind. :)
This year was THE year to go to a rodeo!!! Shawn's VERY FIRST rodeo, I might add. We got a sitter for the 2 babies (Sadie is my baby too) and took Brinley and Cambree. I got the girls all dressed up with braids and hats and met up with The Dunns since they go every year and knew what's up.
We had a fun time! The girls liked the barrel racing and bull-riding the best. I had forgotten how kind of bad it looks on the animals with some of the roping competitions. It's been a LONG time since I've been to a rodeo too...since my Delta days that's for sure! They also had dirt bikes doing jumps and tricks. That was fun to watch too. I don't think we will go every year but we will do it again for sure!
Notice how Jeff had to be a part of our picture...nice, you ruined it!! ;)
Cambree loves holding babies! This is Nicole's baby, Parker.
Um...yeah...I think there's a motorcycle jumper in there somewhere.
There were a few injuries. This guy got thrown off into the fence. Ouch.

Monday, July 30, 2012


We really have had a low-key summer this year (good thing or I'd even be MORE behind blogging). It seems whenever I make plans Easton messes it all up. I would just get off-schedule but he NEEDS a nap IN HIS BED or everyone will hear his death scream. ;) Even though I'm a planner, I've had to put that aside and just decide if it's a good day and if everyone is on a good schedule and then just GO (cuz he has a different schedule every day). This day happened to be one of those days. We could only be there for about an hour and a half but it was perfect and the kids had a great time! Sadie even rode on some rides and LOVED it!! I'm so glad my older girls can help her out too.

Cute boy stayed in the stroller the whole time.
Brinley loves to climb. She can get up there pretty high!
All 3 of my girls in the airplanes. :)
Brinley rode this ride while Sadie and Cambree were on the swinging ship.
So the float boat ride was great! Sadie was excited to go. I love how the girls are always ducking to not get wet and Sadie doesn't even care! Brinley was really good with her and caught her as she was reaching over the edge to touch the water. Whew! Another "whew" moment was when Cambree was trying to get out and slipped a little. The worker caught her before she went in the water. I felt so helpless but someone has to stay with Easton!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Morinda Gardens

I had a photo shoot scheduled at Morinda Gardens (aka Tahitian Noni Gardens). I hadn't been there before so I needed to check it out beforehand. It's free and it's lovely! It's not a big garden but the girls had fun walking around and helping me pick out spots to shoot. They are getting an eye for it, I have to say! They also were having fun posing all silly. :)
Are those really all mine???
Sadie had a thing going that day and wouldn't just smile!
I wanted to have all the kids posing with the statues...then they saw a bee and all went running! No amount coercing could get them back...so I stuck the baby there! He had no choice...poor kid. And, no, he didn't get stung but not the smartest idea on my part. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cedar Hills Parade

Love our little city and the little parade it has. Candy everywhere and it's just long/short enough to not get bored. Sadie was LOVING the candy and got so excited when she would get a piece. We also scored a frisbee and a kit to make something from Home Depot. You also can get a great spot in the shade without reserving it the night before. Definite plus!
I give up! I can't get all my kids looking at me at the same time. :)

Go Chik-Fil-A!! The owners are in our ward. :)
I thought this float was pretty cute too. :)
Unfortunately, we didn't do any of the carnival rides at the park (too $$$!). I think we worked in the yard instead (or something).

Monday, July 23, 2012

9 Months Old

Oh my goodness! Easton is growing so fast! That's a good and bad thing. :/ Bad because I feel like I'm not enjoying him enough being so busy with 4 kids is hard! But good because he's getting less and less hard/fussy. He's starting to do new things!
-He has 4 teeth and is cutting more, thus he is more fussy and still wakes up at night!!
-He's a crawler now! Pretty close to the 9 month mark, he took off! He is so much happier now that he can go places!
-He loves bath time! He screams with delight and practically jumps out of my arms to get into the tub.
-Yes, he still SCREAMS. Happy or sad. Ugh.
-He slowed down a little. He's 24 lbs (89%) and his length is 28 in (60%)...but his head is still big 97%.
-He seems to favor his left hand. I think Shawn's hopes are getting up just a little that he will like sports. He always comments on how strong he is. ;) But, really, you should see Easton do Superman. He's definitely got some core muscles going on!
-Everywhere I go I at least get one comment on his crazy hair. More hair is coming in too so his hairline isn't so far back. :)
-He loves new places and faces. He's usually pretty good when we're out and about. It's the car that he still hates!
-He says, "Mama"! Yea! I win this time! But he also wants his daddy to hold him constantly.
I threw one in of Sadie cuz she's cute and Easton just LOVES her! You should hear her say, "Boo, boo, boo, boo!" and he kicks and screams happily, of course!
The girls like to torture him. ;)
He LOVES eating raspberries! See? He's in a food coma. :)

 He wasn't in the best mood for these but I was trying out my new camera. :)
Time to stop!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Neighborhood Summer Day Camp

Right at the first of June, Shawn went to Atlanta for a few days for work. I was DREADING it! I mean, school just got out and now I have to entertain them all by myself 24/7?!! Luckily, a little flier came to our door about a little day camp a family was doing in our neighborhood. Yea! So, for the week Brinley and Cambree would get to go (Right during nap time I might add. Score!) for a couple hours and have some fun. They had a Pirate/Princess day, a Rock Star day, a Building day, a Spy Day and a Water day. They had so much fun every day!
Princess Day. Brinley happened to get a little sick that day. They let her go a week later. Cambree sure loved getting her hair curled and makeup done!
Rock Star Day. They even performed in front of each other.
 Building Day...I think they might've built something??
 Money well spent and made the week go by so much faster and better for me!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I tell ya. I'm so creative with my blog titles.
So I'm TRYING to slow down and enjoy the quieter things...like raspberry picking?? I guess that fits into that category. But I was mostly messing with my new camera again, still trying to get the hang of it. I had babysitting co-op at my house and those kids like to pick raspberries. Mostly so they can eat them. :) Our raspberry bush is going nuts this year! We need to tame it somehow. It's starting to come up in the grass. But we love it and I'm glad we are growing SOMETHING since we don't have a garden yet, if ever.
This kid always has a fro. It would help if I at least combed it.
ALMOST crawling.
Cambree is scared of the bees and would tell David where to pick.
Sadie's not scared!