Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tracy Aviary

So after my sister got back from Hawaii, she was here for a few days to get her kids from my mom and drive back to Arizona. We made the most of her time here and visited Tracy Aviary. They've done A LOT to that place since we last went there! We went after school so we weren't there too long but we were able to see a bird show and most of the birds.
3 of my little birds. :)
A turkey vulture at the bird show.
Cute babies! They kind of entertained each other during the show...for a minute!
Most of the kiddos.
Evelynn and Sadie played really great together this time.
Happy blurry boy!
They really aren't caged in with the birds. :)
Tiff and baby Avery
Sadie and Colden...Brinley snapped this picture I think!
After the Aviary, we had a picnic right at Liberty Park. Shawn met took the bus down after work to the park and met up with us there. The fun river water feature was actually working so the kids had a blast playing in the water! I just wish I was prepared for them getting wet (and took a few pics). It was also close to my dad's 60th birthday! So we celebrated that which was so fun with so many of us there. I don't know why I don't have any pictures of J.J.'s family. They were there too!

Visit again soon, Angie! It was so fun!!

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Angie said...

Next time we visit in the summer, I'm going to make sure Rob can join us more. He keeps missing out on all the fun summer stuff we have! I'm so glad you guys accommodated us so much and were willing to do last-minute plans like the picnic dinner for Dad and the canyon hot dog roast!