Friday, June 29, 2012

Soccer 2011/2012

Soccer here is fall AND spring. It's a pretty good deal but that's A LOT of Saturday mornings taken up! Brinley loves soccer and has played ever since we moved here (since she was 5) and Cambree played last year and said she didn't want to play again...until Brinley started soccer and got her uniform. Luckily, I found a team that still needed players and it was our neighborhood team...they couldn't take anymore boys but had room for girls. Perfect!
Cambree is still a little cautious and it's hard to really go for it when you're playing with aggressive boys. But she still wants to play again next year! Next year, we won't play her up...she's so tall we felt like that was a good fit for her to play her up and she wanted to play with most of her older friends.
Brinley still plays SO HARD and is getting the hang of it more and more. Whenever the coach takes her out, she wants to go back in. She's always asking to be put back in! She is also a REALLY good goalie...especially with Shawn coaching her from the sidelines. I think they might've won a game this year which is opposite of Cambree's team that won every game. Brinley doesn't care if they win or loose though, she just wants to play. Love that about her!
I wasn't there for their last game (bad mom!)...but I am SO GLAD Shawn was able to take some AND deal with the kids! This year they got trophies. Brinley was excited, to say the least. :)

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Jennifer S said...

oh man I think Maddy would love soccer, but I just don't know that I would love being a soccer mom. I am sort of a selfish mom when it comes to that stuff. I have to be interested in it too ha. your girls are getting so big and cute!