Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pattersons Visit - AF Canyon

So my sister, Angie, came to visit in May. It was great! She stayed for a long time...part of it was to have my mom watch her kids while her and her husband went to Hawaii. So fun! Some day I WILL get there! Anyway, while they were here we did some fun things. Angie loves to hike and really wanted to go up any of the canyons around here. It just so happens that we live 5 minutes from one! So, we went up a little early and took all the kids on a "hike". I had Easton in a backpack and that was the beginning of my back trouble. He is just too heavy to carry, I guess! My back was out for about a week after that. Ugh. Then, we had a hot dog roast and guess what??  I forgot the hot dogs!! At least my house isn't too far away so I went down and got them pretty quickly.
Easton's hanging out with Grandma...sorry, mom, for the bad picture of you! I like Easton's scrunched nose. :)
The kids had fun on the playground while we got things ready.
Sadie seriously scares me on the I just don't watch. ;)
We had a little FHE around the campfire. My brother J.J. supplied the music. It was really nice. Some of the kids bore their testimonies. It was cute.
David keeping cute Avery warm. :)
The girls.
My mom always wears hats like's cute/funny. :) I love her!
Kristy and Annie snuggling.
My cute boys....I think I already have Easton trained! He smiles big at the camera!
Brinley, Angie, and Spencer waiting for the hot dogs.
Even though we were only about 20 minutes from home, it felt like we were farther away. I love that.
The Pattersons also stayed at our house for a few nights. It was fun having them around. The kids are all close to each other's age and they have so much fun together. Sadie and Evelynn really hit it off this time too. Love family!


Tiffany said...

It's so true about how mom wears her hats! I love that picture of David and Avery. I'll have to get it sometime.

Sant Family said...

Great pictures! I miss the mountains so much! Easton is a.doorbell. amen.

Mandy Summers said...

I have not seen Annie in so long! She's certainly growing up! That's why they need a blog, or Facebook. You should tell her that for me:) It looks like everyone had a fun time!

Tara said...

How fun! I love the pics of Angie and her kids - fun to 'see' you all and feel a little connected. I'm so sorry for your back troubles - ugh!!! Mom's just don't get sick days - I hope it's all better now.

Angie said...

I love those pictures, too. Can you please email me a bunch of these pics from my trip? I know I took pics, but yours always turn out so much better!