Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Empty Pot Dance Concert

Cambree had her spring dance concert at the end of May. Concert time is always fun and busy! We love it when we have family and friends come to support Cambree. Cambree's dance teacher said that she's really caught on this year and is more than ready to move up to the next level. It's always fun to hear that!
I was excited that Stephanie wanted me to do the posters/fliers again. I love that it stretches my creativity and abilities a bit. :)
Cambree is always Miss Independent especially when it comes to concert time. She just wants me to leave the dressing room ASAP so she can be with her friends and just do her own thing. I do love that about her.
 This is her flower dance. She is the tall one in the back. ALWAYS the tall one. :)
 Her hula hoop dance. This one was really cute.
LOVED her Asian costume. I hope she wants to wear it for Halloween.
Lots of people came to watch! We even brought Sadie this time. We left Easton home with a sitter and we usually do that with Sadie but I thought she is old enough that it would probably keep her attention. I was right! She LOVED it and even danced along (in her seat). I REALLY want to put her in cuz she would be so cute and loves it but The Boss has to approve (meaning Shawn). :(
Cambree's friend, Aubrie, came to watch. It was cute that she came to support her friend.
My brother and his family came. They are always so great at coming to support Cambree. I love that Justus didn't want his picture taken and is hiding. :)

Aunt Lynnette and Uncle Doug are so supportive too. And of course, my mom and dad. They are so great to come from farther away.
After the first night, we got ice cream at the BYU Creamery...Grandpa's treat. My sister and her husband and baby came too so that was fun to see them.
I just have to post about this even though if Cambree knew she would be SO embarrassed! The 2nd night after her hula-hoop dance, she had to go to the bathroom. Those Chinese outfits are SO hard to get the buttons off (she had a leotard under it) she peed all over her costume. She was so embarrassed she didn't want to tell her teacher. She wanted to come find me and told her teacher "it was private". :) They looked into the auditorium to try and find me but couldn't. She was crying and it was so sad. Her teacher told me all about it afterwards. Poor girl. :(


Krystal Baker said...

I love that story! I didn't know it was that popular!

Jennifer S said...

I love the poster you did for them, you really are good! It looks like something a professional graphic designer would have done, awesome job!

Angie said...

That poster is awesome! I just love it!