Sunday, June 17, 2012

Easton's Room

Oh my goodness! So Easton is almost 9 months old already and I'm just posting pics of his room. It's still not done but probably as done as it will get. Thanks, Jen, for helping me out on Pinterest with getting ideas for his room. I liked the vintage sports theme. Even though this is a far cry from what a real sport vintage theme should look like this is what we came up with...and as much as Shawn would want me to spend. :)

There is also a cute, yellow bookshelf that I don't want to paint yet but doesn't fit in any of the girl's it's in his room and looks out-of-place. :) So I purposefully left that out of the pictures. Nothing too special but I thought I'd document it before he grows out of his crib! He's getting so big! Love this little guy!


Denise said...

Ooh, it looks great! I love the white beadboard accent. And that last picture is adorable!

Jennifer S said...

I think it turned out great!! I am have been trying to comment on this for days, but we have been crazy busy. but here I am finally to say, I love it! :) said...

Oh so fun! You did a great job!
Happy happy Birthday! I hv been thinking about u all week. I hope u had a good one!