Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Collette Family Temple Sealing

Another reason the Pattersons came for a visit was to go to my sister, Tiffany's, family temple sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. They waited a year for this day! It was awesome to see them all dressed in white and to have their baby, Avery, there too. Her little hand rested on theirs as they were sealed as a family for eternity. It was beautiful.
Afterwards, I took a few pictures in the wind and cold...then we ate at The Garden Room. I've never been there before and am definitely going back!
Someone is photoshopped into this picture. Can you guess who??
Avery kept yawning. It was a long day!

 We also took a few of her in her blessing dress her Grandma Collette made.
We were standing in line to get on the pedestal to do the below pictures. There was another photog their with a bride and groom.  It was really windy and cold and Avery was getting fussy, so as soon as the other photog was done we tried to jump in before the other photog...not very good he spoke up and said he was next. My mom is a smooth talker and told them how Avery was cold and that we'd just be really quick. We were! Like 2  minutes on the pedestal. LOVE how these turned out!!
Congrats you guys! It was a lovely day and I'm SO happy for you that you made it!!

And here's my pretty meal from The Garden Room. I had to take a picture of's not very often I get to go out and eat without kids AND to a nice restaurant!


Denise said...

Gorgeous pictures, Missy! And your lunch pic is making me hungry. Yum.

Jennifer S said...

what a special day for your family! and as always, love your gorgeous pictures. they will treasure these forever!

Tara said...

beautiful pictures, Missy! I'm so happy for your family - eternity looks pretty good!!! :)

Angie said...

That was a beautiful day. I'm so glad we were able to both be there for that!