Friday, June 29, 2012

Soccer 2011/2012

Soccer here is fall AND spring. It's a pretty good deal but that's A LOT of Saturday mornings taken up! Brinley loves soccer and has played ever since we moved here (since she was 5) and Cambree played last year and said she didn't want to play again...until Brinley started soccer and got her uniform. Luckily, I found a team that still needed players and it was our neighborhood team...they couldn't take anymore boys but had room for girls. Perfect!
Cambree is still a little cautious and it's hard to really go for it when you're playing with aggressive boys. But she still wants to play again next year! Next year, we won't play her up...she's so tall we felt like that was a good fit for her to play her up and she wanted to play with most of her older friends.
Brinley still plays SO HARD and is getting the hang of it more and more. Whenever the coach takes her out, she wants to go back in. She's always asking to be put back in! She is also a REALLY good goalie...especially with Shawn coaching her from the sidelines. I think they might've won a game this year which is opposite of Cambree's team that won every game. Brinley doesn't care if they win or loose though, she just wants to play. Love that about her!
I wasn't there for their last game (bad mom!)...but I am SO GLAD Shawn was able to take some AND deal with the kids! This year they got trophies. Brinley was excited, to say the least. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Memorial Day

I think the unofficial Hancock Memorial Day tradition is to go to Grandma's community pool and swim. It always opens on that day so we have a BBQ and swim. It's always so fun to be there with most of the family! I didn't really want to get in the pool cuz I didn't think Easton wouldn't last too long. This was his first time in the pool and I was right. Too much splashing and he was done. Isn't he cute in his swimsuit though??
Breanne was WONDERFUL and played with Sadie in the pool. Sadie LOVES to jump in over and over and over...
 Welcome summer! Ready or not!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Easton's Room

Oh my goodness! So Easton is almost 9 months old already and I'm just posting pics of his room. It's still not done but probably as done as it will get. Thanks, Jen, for helping me out on Pinterest with getting ideas for his room. I liked the vintage sports theme. Even though this is a far cry from what a real sport vintage theme should look like this is what we came up with...and as much as Shawn would want me to spend. :)

There is also a cute, yellow bookshelf that I don't want to paint yet but doesn't fit in any of the girl's it's in his room and looks out-of-place. :) So I purposefully left that out of the pictures. Nothing too special but I thought I'd document it before he grows out of his crib! He's getting so big! Love this little guy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Empty Pot Dance Concert

Cambree had her spring dance concert at the end of May. Concert time is always fun and busy! We love it when we have family and friends come to support Cambree. Cambree's dance teacher said that she's really caught on this year and is more than ready to move up to the next level. It's always fun to hear that!
I was excited that Stephanie wanted me to do the posters/fliers again. I love that it stretches my creativity and abilities a bit. :)
Cambree is always Miss Independent especially when it comes to concert time. She just wants me to leave the dressing room ASAP so she can be with her friends and just do her own thing. I do love that about her.
 This is her flower dance. She is the tall one in the back. ALWAYS the tall one. :)
 Her hula hoop dance. This one was really cute.
LOVED her Asian costume. I hope she wants to wear it for Halloween.
Lots of people came to watch! We even brought Sadie this time. We left Easton home with a sitter and we usually do that with Sadie but I thought she is old enough that it would probably keep her attention. I was right! She LOVED it and even danced along (in her seat). I REALLY want to put her in cuz she would be so cute and loves it but The Boss has to approve (meaning Shawn). :(
Cambree's friend, Aubrie, came to watch. It was cute that she came to support her friend.
My brother and his family came. They are always so great at coming to support Cambree. I love that Justus didn't want his picture taken and is hiding. :)

Aunt Lynnette and Uncle Doug are so supportive too. And of course, my mom and dad. They are so great to come from farther away.
After the first night, we got ice cream at the BYU Creamery...Grandpa's treat. My sister and her husband and baby came too so that was fun to see them.
I just have to post about this even though if Cambree knew she would be SO embarrassed! The 2nd night after her hula-hoop dance, she had to go to the bathroom. Those Chinese outfits are SO hard to get the buttons off (she had a leotard under it) she peed all over her costume. She was so embarrassed she didn't want to tell her teacher. She wanted to come find me and told her teacher "it was private". :) They looked into the auditorium to try and find me but couldn't. She was crying and it was so sad. Her teacher told me all about it afterwards. Poor girl. :(

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tracy Aviary

So after my sister got back from Hawaii, she was here for a few days to get her kids from my mom and drive back to Arizona. We made the most of her time here and visited Tracy Aviary. They've done A LOT to that place since we last went there! We went after school so we weren't there too long but we were able to see a bird show and most of the birds.
3 of my little birds. :)
A turkey vulture at the bird show.
Cute babies! They kind of entertained each other during the show...for a minute!
Most of the kiddos.
Evelynn and Sadie played really great together this time.
Happy blurry boy!
They really aren't caged in with the birds. :)
Tiff and baby Avery
Sadie and Colden...Brinley snapped this picture I think!
After the Aviary, we had a picnic right at Liberty Park. Shawn met took the bus down after work to the park and met up with us there. The fun river water feature was actually working so the kids had a blast playing in the water! I just wish I was prepared for them getting wet (and took a few pics). It was also close to my dad's 60th birthday! So we celebrated that which was so fun with so many of us there. I don't know why I don't have any pictures of J.J.'s family. They were there too!

Visit again soon, Angie! It was so fun!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Collette Family Temple Sealing

Another reason the Pattersons came for a visit was to go to my sister, Tiffany's, family temple sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. They waited a year for this day! It was awesome to see them all dressed in white and to have their baby, Avery, there too. Her little hand rested on theirs as they were sealed as a family for eternity. It was beautiful.
Afterwards, I took a few pictures in the wind and cold...then we ate at The Garden Room. I've never been there before and am definitely going back!
Someone is photoshopped into this picture. Can you guess who??
Avery kept yawning. It was a long day!

 We also took a few of her in her blessing dress her Grandma Collette made.
We were standing in line to get on the pedestal to do the below pictures. There was another photog their with a bride and groom.  It was really windy and cold and Avery was getting fussy, so as soon as the other photog was done we tried to jump in before the other photog...not very good he spoke up and said he was next. My mom is a smooth talker and told them how Avery was cold and that we'd just be really quick. We were! Like 2  minutes on the pedestal. LOVE how these turned out!!
Congrats you guys! It was a lovely day and I'm SO happy for you that you made it!!

And here's my pretty meal from The Garden Room. I had to take a picture of's not very often I get to go out and eat without kids AND to a nice restaurant!