Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Of course we didn't go anywhere for Spring Break (even though I'm DYING for a break!! But being in the car with a screaming 6 month old (he hates the car) and sleeping in a hotel room where he screams several times a night, didn't convince me it would be a vacation) and me being the lame mom that I am, made the kids work to get their reward later in the week. I was sick of the house being disorganized. We didn't get everything done that I wanted but we cleaned out closets and washed walls and cleaned and vacuumed. They were really good workers! They must've wanted their reward! I've never taken them to the Aquarium so at the end of the week, we went. It was pretty busy and I was worried I would loose Sadie. I bribed told the girls to watch her and if they did a good job I would get them a treat. It worked like a charm! I didn't loose her!
They loved the sting rays. Sadie even liked touching them.
It still is crazy to me that all these kids are MINE!!
Easton did really well too as long as the stroller kept moving.
It's definitely a small aquarium but it was perfect size for my bunch. Easton was pretty much done when we'd seen it all. The otter exhibit was fun, especially cuz it was feeding time. That about does it for Spring Break!

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