Sunday, May 20, 2012

Life in Pictures

April sure came and went! Here are just some randomness that was April.
Just some olive goodness. Kids always have to do this with olives.

This is the first time we've EVER pulled out the jumper for any of our kids. My sis-in-law gave it to me when Brinley was a baby. Easton loves to jump on our laps so I thought we'd give this a try. He LOVES it and is a crazy baby jumping all over the place!
Sadie wanted to hold Easton. He's as big as she is...if not bigger!
Sadie likes to get in Easton's toy but this time she found his bink. She looked so funny! What a cute, little baby. ;)
Sadie likes to play with Ty when he comes over for co-op. She was putting necklaces and tiaras on him. He didn't mind at all. I'm sure his dad did though!
The 3 young-uns. Cambree loves to hold Easton...but he's starting to get too heavy for her to hold longer than 30 seconds.

Sadie is lovin' the headbands, necklaces, and skirts. She's such a girly-girl!
Another pre-hair cut picture. Such crazy hair!! He's had 3 haircuts now!
She's just cute with crazy hair too. It never stays in anymore and it's more frizzy.
Everyone trying out the sunglasses they got for Easter.
Sadie loves my iTouch, as I've mentioned before. But it was such an oxymoron to be in the baby swing on the touch. (is that what you'd call it?)
Yes, Brinley IS in our family still. ;) She just didn't get any camera time being at school most of the day.


tracie said...

Ha ha. Ty is such a pretty princess. Love the pic's

Krystal Baker said...

Cute pics! That picture of Sadie in the swing with the itouch is awesome. She should be in an ad! haha

Jennifer S said...

Love all of the cute pictures! I can't believe easton has needed 3 haircuts already! my baby is still working on his peach fuzz. :) and, i really wish you guys would come out to visit sometime, we really would have a blast!