Thursday, May 10, 2012

Easton-6 Months Old!

My baby boy is 6 months old already! (well, now he's 7 months) It has definitely gone by fast...but mostly S-L-O-W.  I'm still adjusting to 4 kids but we're getting there! Sleep definitely plays a part in how I'm feeling and just this week, he's been sleeping better (fingers crossed!). After this stage in his life, I finally decided to give his binky back. He's old enough to keep it in his mouth and can put it in himself if he works at it and he LOVES it! That thing is HEAVEN!! He is a COMPLETELY different baby! I couldn't believe it when he slept through the night that first night after I gave it back. Now, he wakes up about once a night and Shawn just pops his binky in and he goes right back to sleep! It's really amazing and an answer to our prayers! I know...I REALLY treasure my sleep!
Anyway...what is our big boy up to?
-He weighed in at a whopping 23 pounds at his 6 month checkup! And he's all in the upper 90 percentiles in everything. Nothing new.
-He SCREAMS A LOT! Whether he's happy or sad he's screaming like a girl.
-He has 2 little teeth and I'm thinking he's working on the next two.
-He can roll over onto his stomach and can only roll back when he's REALLY mad in his it's not too that's annoying.
-He likes to hit anything (mostly my shoulder when I'm carrying him) and pull hair.
-He has a deep laugh that is oh-so-cute!
-He drools A TON...hence why I think he is going to get teeth soon...but not always a sign.
-He is on solids and loves veggies but not really fruit. Weird! He makes a sour face when we give him fruit.
-He is really good-natured and likes to smile at anyone whenever we go places. We just love our chubba-bub!
So I bought this BYU beanie back when I was pregnant with Cambree and saved it. I was just going to do a simple backdrop with a few balls. Shawn got all excited about my idea and grabbed all sorts of BYU stuff from when he played. I actually LOVE how they turned out!
So that's our boy! As cute as ever!!


Tiffany said...

The baby legs do look a little weird... But I love the ones of him in the bow-tie! Cute chubba-boo! said...

Oh he is so darling!!! I cant believe you have to carry around a 23 lb baby. Ouch. Im glad to know that you r having a tough transition cuz I am drowning with 4. Good luck! Hope you get more sleep. I think thats my prob too. Hang in there

Tara said...

holy cow that kid is DARLING. Your babies are all beautiful, but it's so fun to see the boy version. :) I love them all!!! Nice work (on the baby and the pictures)!!!!