Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Newest Niece!

Yup! They just keep coming this year! In a year and a half, all 5 of us siblings will have had a baby. Its just CRAZY! So my newest niece is Avery Belle. She is a beauty! She was actually born on March 7th, so I'm behind on surprise there. It's my sister, Tiffany's, first baby and she let me come watch (& take pictures) of the birth. Check out my photo blog for the whole birth story. :) Anyway, it was REALLY amazing! Especially since I've never even felt a labor pain. Tiff was awesome and did it all natural. I must admit, I thought she wouldn't be able to do it, but she DID!! She was even in labor for almost 24 hours and she did it. She was awesome! I was so proud. Anyway, here's cute, little Avery the next day when we came for a visit.

Shawn and Brinley were able to come but they didn't want any kids under 8 to visit the hospital since it's still RSV season.
Cambree was SO SAD she couldn't come to the hospital to see her new cousin. She is my one that LOVES babies the most. So she saw her a week later when Tiff came over to get Avery's newborn pics done.
It looks like we just plopped her in Cambree's arms and took the picture. Which is probably what we did! She doesn't look too comfy-cozy.
Ok! You're twisting my arm! Here's a sneek peek at one of Avery's newborn pics. I haven't quite gotten around to posting it on my photo blog yet.
And then about a week after that, Sadie actually wanted to hold her. So here's Sadie's shot at it. Right after we too the picture, Sadie kind of let go of her hold and Avery slowly rolled off her lap. Good thing Tiff was right there and that Sadie was sitting on the ground. :) Two year olds just don't quite know when to be careful.
Then, Tiff took a pic of Avery and Easton next to each other (thanks, Tiff, I stole this off your blog!). Easton is HUGE!! But they will be great friends and cousins I'm sure!
We are so happy to have another cousin in the family! You are such a good mom, Tiff and Avery is beautiful!


Pretend Fancy said...

Could that picture of your niece be any more precious??? She is soooo beautiful! And seriously, how in the world do you get your babies posed like that. You are crazy talented missy. :)

esperanza said...

Congrats to your sister - that is a beautiful baby!

Angie said...

I can't wait to meet those two little ones! Easton isn't so little anymore, though. I can't believe how big he looks compared to Avery! Wait till we get Spencer there...that'll be quite the picture!